First Direct chat

I used their chat today. Took some effort to get passed the bot and to chat to a human. The agent wouldn’t answer my question so it took further effort to keep asking until they did. Their push notifications are hit and miss and don’t always work. I eventually got my answer but tried calling later to see if it was correct. It was but the phone call was much quicker than using the chat. BTW if you use chat and input any numerals they are stared out later. If you check what transpired subsequently the stars are as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. Can’t see the need for that after all you’ve used security to connect so surely the chat should be safe. One final thing, if you use chat on dark mode it’s white on white so it’s invisible.

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I can’t say that I’ve had that experience (yet) but glad you managed go get it sorted.

Are you on android? Dark mode works fine for me on iOS.

Nothing bad to report from CS here either in my time with FD. Had lots to report with HSBC and my compensation total is now £155 just from poor customer service.

A tip for you on the FD live chat - when Dot asks what you need help with just reply with “agent” and you’ll be put right through to a human :wink:.


Yes, or human. The self serve can be hard to use at times. But agent or human and it works out it’s done it’s thing and moves you right along to a real person.

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Oddly, I had this problem with HSBC too. I found it strange that FD was so much better since they’re owned by them.


I do that when using the phone CS.
Why are you calling?
Can you be more specific?
I’m not understanding your reply
I’ll just put you through to the next available representative


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There’s dark mode on the FD app?

No I figured the poster poster must’ve been on Android because on iOS, even with dark mode enabled it works fine in chat.

No dark mode but for what it’s worth I really like the black on white contrast.

Not in the FD app but when your phone through settings goes to dark mode.

I can’t see this on iPhone, always had dark mode and the app is still bright white for me?

Yes this must be an android thing as I have the same.

Just opened account with First Direct. Applied in their application. Took a few minutes to open account (really improved since last time). Another 3-5 minutes to setup online banking/mobile app (security questions, 2 or 3 passwords, 1 email and 1 message to activate digital key). So I opened account, registered online banking and added debit card to Apple wallet without calling them. App really improved as well….

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You can still look forward to receive a large wad of paper through the door in a few days though :smile:


Happy first year anniversary to the “transaction notifications are coming soon” message :birthday:


Just one year? :upside_down_face:


:joy: Was informed about delays… it can take up
to 7 working days to receive all paperwork:))) They are currently busy opening new accounts :slight_smile: Lots of people want to switch account for £175 and open a 7% savings account

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First Direct will never be Monzo or starling. Their app is very basic and agents messed up with the simplest of things such as amending a standing order and they wouldn’t do it right without messing up my accounts. I closed my FD account and moved to Monzo. FD will never get to where Monzo is so don’t worry monzolians :rofl:

FD’s CS is far better than Monzo’s. They answer chats swiftly and their call handlers are also competent in sorting out most questions on first touch. However, the fact that they don’t have notifications and they’ve promised this for years is poor and it’s unacceptable as they lie in saying its due very soon #JamTomorrow


It took them 5 weeks to sort out my credit card and also when I asked to change my standing order on my regular saver account the silly agents set it to ongoing and changed the date of my payment so I lost out on the 7% interest rate. They are incompetent. I have complained on a regular basis about simple things like this that should be available for us customers to amend (at least then we know we would do it right) . I will give them their due though since I joined up and complained multiple times… I got over £500 in good will gestures due to their mishandling of information and their screw ups. But I’ll never rejoin FD again. They don’t even have cheque imaging or “available after bills” like the parent company HSBC which you would think they would adopt some of their system updates. Also a lot of HSBC branches don’t take FD cards to pay money in as hsbc tech banks have now changed their visa machines to Mastercard meaning FD cards don’t allow you to pay money in and now hsbc banks are going digital it’s hard to now deposit. So another thing they haven’t done right.