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Hi everyone! I just got my mondo beta card today and I’ve been using it in Glasgow all day today. Absolutely loving it so far, the fact that contactless payments show up instantly in the payment history alone has sold me. I was getting a bit sick of payments from 3 days ago sneaking up on me with my old banks…

Ill be diving into the geekier side of things on here the more I use it I’m sure. :wink: But this is something that was on my mind so apologies for slightly weird question.

Ive been with Royal Bank of Scotland all my life until about two years ago, after reading the millionth story about RBS moraly dubious investments I decided I didn’t want to be part of it and took all my money out of my accounts.

I opened an account with The Co-operative bank. Technically they are inferior to RBS. They also have very few branches in comparison. But it was worth it for me because of there ethical policy, which put my mind to rest about that I wasn’t helping fund everything thats wrong with the world!

See more about that here… Our Ethical Policy | The Co-operative Bank

Im not sure what Mondos business model is, but if they are planning on going down the usual bank route of investing, will they have something similar in the long run? Im already pondering the possibility of ditching my old bank in favour of Mondo once its out of Beta, but it would be important to know that they aint up to any RBS style shadey dealings!

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Ah just found this thread. Makes sense. :slight_smile:

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We just published a blog post about this today :slight_smile: Would love to hear your thoughts! What Makes A Bank Ethical? Mondo's Beta Ethical Thoughts