Does Monzo have any detection mechanism for fraudulent transactions?

It should really be your bank following up with Monzo. It’s quite unprofessional for them to ask you to contact Monzo directly. :thinking: They’re just asking you to create an extra, pretty pointless step - plus they’d have more relevant info. :no_mouth:


Not sure sure we have all the facts here, but if Safetyman has been defrauded then you’re right that his bank should be doing the legwork for him.

However, to me it sounds more like an attempt was made but Safetyman didn’t fall for it, and that’s why his bank is passing the buck in terms of reporting.

If I’m wrong and it’s actually the first situation, then the bank need to be pressured to add properly.

Your bank should also report to Action Fraud on your behalf, if you ask them to.

Customer ‘Service’ person was being lazy.

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I’m sure you can appreciate that we can’t talk openly about the details of our financial crime systems however I can say that our financial crime systems stop more than 50,000 transactions a month.

Here is some “under the hood” stuff:


Banks aren’t actually allowed to report on behalf of customers – reports have to come from “the victim”.


It’s worth pointing out that fraud can be reported on behalf of a victim. That’s literally the first option on the Action Fraud site.

If the victim is vulnerable, how does the bank ensure the crime is reported if the bank ‘can’t’ do it?

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