Competitor Update 2


Lame duck Co-operative Bank announced that it lost about 25,000 current accounts during the first half of this year. It also saw £400m of instant access savings cash being withdrawn.

(Patrick) #115

It’s sad what’s happened there too (Co-op Bank). I felt uneasy after the hedge funds took them over - but as long as they have their ethical policy I think they’re legit.

The reason I left them in the end was because their on-line banking was so incredibly basic and bad. Until really recently you had to phone them to delete a payee. It was pretty much like a text-only website with about 2 functions (look at a list and ‘pay someone’). Now they’ve revamped it, it’s like a teenagers first attempt at Shockwave Flash.

I wanted to stay with them out of principle - just couldn’t hack it in the end. Their app was terrible and basic too, plus they still haven’t released Android Pay support more than a year after they released Apple Pay and a year or more of ‘we’re looking into it’ and ‘soon’.

All my insurance is with the Co-op - it’s such a chore, nothing is online. I’m sticking with that though because it’s all only once a year.

(Caspar) #116

I’ve signed up loads of friends and colleagues, and weirdly not one has ever said they’ve heard of Starling. Loads have heard of Monzo already. It surprises me Starling has so many users

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #118

How many accounts has Starling opened? Do we know? Or is it ‘commercially sensitive’? :wink:

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(Duncan) #126

FYI they sad at last night’s current account rollout event that they now have 5 Android developers, so I imagine that the gap will be closing. They originally said it would be a couple of months until the Android current account app would work, but it’s already ready, and I’m using it. So here’s hoping that they close the gap sooooon.


I thought I’d see what the Atom app is like these days as their fixed savings accounts are competitive. I had previously signed up with a different phone number, so looked for a setting to change it in the app. No go. Tried online chat - ‘you need to call us as it is higher security’. What? Some random dude phoning is higher security than me going through the authentication in the app? They have facial recognition, voice print and a 6 digit PIN. I’m a bit perplexed…

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #129

Apparently the Atom app has forgotten what I look like, and what my voice sounds like. So much for ‘advanced’ biometric recognition.

(Alex Sherwood) #130

So here it now has a dedicated page on the Atom website, including a series of videos of his interview with the bank’s founder & chairman. This should be entertaining :wink:

Here’s the clips from that page -

(Bruce) #131

5!!! Wow ! I mean :monzo: if you were crypto I’d HODL

(Nick) #132

Interesting article. Not sure if it has been shared yet or not…

(Alex Sherwood) #133

I found this article slightly odd, Monzo clearly are behind Starling when it comes to launching the current accounts but miles ahead, in terms of user numbers - as it says.

So to me it seems pretty unbalanced to state that Starling are ‘off to the races’ & Monzo are ‘playing catch up’ as the two key sections of the article, an article which was coincidentally published soon after Starling launched Apple Pay & they paid for advertising with the publication (though they’ve claimed that they’re unbiased)..

The idea that Apple Pay is some sort of game changer doesn’t really make sense when 350k+ users have signed up to Monzo despite it not being available. And as far as I can tell, it (& the current accounts) haven’t lit a fire under Starling’s user numbers either.

Which parts did you find insightful?

image image

image image


(Nick) #134

Similar thoughts to you was what I was finding interesting - interesting how they make out Starling is way head in the race with Monzo running behind; with not much to actually justify the claim. Apple Pay while not a game changer, will be nice to have when it eventually arrives.

(lee) #135

They are next on my list to go.

They text me the other day - we notice you’re not using our new app…you can download it blah blah.

…No i’m not because its absolutely crap. It’s been held behind Lloyds and Halifax (in app auth etc) purposely and was expecting at least on par with that but no. It launched without even an available balance. The UX at login is also poor. The only thing i used it for was apple pay but replaced starling with that.

(lee) #136

Is anyone using Tandem yet?

I just got a code and cant decide if i should try it. They’ve also gone with a bright card i see.

Edit - you get a choice of colour - should attract a few from here :rofl:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #137

What’s the code for? Their aggregation app?

(Leon) #139

Yep that is what it’s for.

(Jason Yau) #140

Starling have released a new update. Adds some nice features also found in N26’s app.

(Richard) #141

I used it but wasn’t taken… deleted after an hour or so :slight_smile: