Business account owners: let's get to know you

(Tom ) #41

Ha! Me too - I noticed that immediately.

(Chris Middleton) #42

Hi @daniel.cannon - update on pots… My wife shares the joint account and business account. She’s unable to see pots in the business account - have restarted the app and pots which had also disappeared from the joint account (for her) have reappeared but she’s still unable to see business account pots. Have provided details and screenshots on in-app help chat as I didn’t want to share those here.

Cheers, Chris

(Michael) #43

Is there a dedicated email address you could send them to during this trial period? Question for both you and @daniel.cannon

Unless there is a specific in app chat arrangement it might get a bit mixed up with other conversations

(Chris Middleton) #44

A specific email for business account issue reporting would be useful. And if Monzo need an ITIL/ITSM specialist to help coordinate incident and problem resolution… :wink:

(Daniel Cannon) #45

Thanks again for the bug report! I just had a quick look into this and it looks like there is an issue with our permissions system which is preventing users from viewing pots if the pots were created before the user was added to the business.

I will try and come up with a fix for this tomorrow.

(Daniel Cannon) #46

In-app chat should hopefully be fine during the trial period as any messages related to business banking are getting directly forwarded to our team. That being said if anything gets lost please feel free to DM me in the forum and I can have a look into it.

(Chris Middleton) #47

Thanks Daniel. Martine can’t see any business account pots on the Accounts tab, some may have been created prior to her being added (not sure) - some have definitely been created since she has been on the account (e.g. Hosting and Licenses). Cheers, Chris


Hi would you need the charts if you set it up in Xero you would get them any way I think !

(Kenny Grant) #49

IMO it would be really useful for business if it had proper business categories. Better than removing summary, better would just be to fix the categories and reconsider the spending graph at top to clearly show income/outgoings over a year or a cash-flow forecast. Surprised to see a business account using personal categories (self-care etc) or sharing limits with the personal account.

Please take a look at Xero, Coconut or Tide for how to provide a useful summary of business expenses - all you really need is categories which suit business expense categories, later things like cash flow forecasts would be useful.

There will inevitably be different requirements from different users here - some people don’t care about summary and prefer to use something like Xero, many small businesses may not need something like xero if they already have expenses categorised in their business bank account.

Please do consider a different card colour for business accounts - so much easier to distinguish cards when in a hurry, and it’s a pain to spend on the wrong card. At least give people the choice. A little lozenge on the card is not sufficient differentiation IMO.


Hi reading some of the messages what is Monzo business card going to be a card facility with bells and whistles or
a mini accounting to package.
You have invoice2 go app for invoices etc
And accounting software usually have invoices any way .
All you should need is that the card transaction posts to your accounting software with out any manual data entry to create really time financial snapshots

(Duncan) #51

I have an individual account, a joint account, and will open a business account. That’s three almost identical cards. I like the colour, and I think that it’s important to keep the branding strong. But perhaps you can do something to differentiate the damn things? :smiley:.

(Aiden bailey) #52

I currently have a LTD Company with Barclays which has been trading for about 7 months.
I changed from sole trader to LTD because protection & expansion possibilities.
I have a current account with Monzo & initially asked about a business account with you.
I’m now really excited to see where businesses can go with you…I’m looking for my own personal creative journey with expertise at hand, coaching, mentorship, encouragement, being able to communicate freely without being judged or penalised because of not being the stereotype archaic business model.
Pots for expenses…ie…Tax NI contributions, products etc…for a more clearer business picture.
Being able to communicate with creative business innovators. Fast affordable card payment services. Aim to be the future leadership, stewardship and innovators of creative banking that the world needs.

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #53

As a contractor I have my own Ltd company and would happily switch to Monzo for my business account to be able to use Pots to track my VAT, Tax and Dividends. I have a weekly income, so divvying up what I needed into pots for the above would save me the hassle of calculating it all every time.

Although, as I already have a personal and joint account, a different coloured card would be handy, as would the option to NOT receive one (I don’t use my business account for anything other than the above).

(Brenton Hill) #55

Hey guys!

I’ve just got a Monzo business account. I am in the process of setting up as a sole trader.

Hopefully I’m posting in the right place! If not feel free to move my post admins.

A feature I would love to see appear on the account from the personal account is I am offering services with my business so if I could have a link that I could send out with various fixed costs which are not editable by the person paying. That would be very useful :slight_smile:


(Brenton Hill) #56

Also, the value being paid should not have a cap as it does on the personal account :fire:

(Stu S) #57

Hello :wave:

Happy to have been selected etc etc…

All so far, seems good! I’ve made a VAT pot (which I plan to write a web-hook to splice some money out of my payments in to move some money for VAT & CT).

As for the £5 - it would be great if this wasn’t applied during the trial process/before the “Account switch process”, as we’re currently paying to be beta testers? :man_shrugging:

Switching accounts could be made easier or more visible, I had to raise a ticket before finding it myself, maybe it’s just me being simple, but it shouldn’t take 10 minutes to find how to switch accounts.

Payment in cap - that needs to go, as a contractor, if I’m paid monthly (and I forget to fill a time sheet and get 2 months worth of payments), I can’t have payments rejected for being too high.

Equally, payments out, Tax, VAT,dividends etc, it needs a higher limit, or the ability to set said limit - I think I’m just echoing everyone else at this point…

Also - different coloured cards are a must - I don’t want the hassle of trying to explain my accountant that I’m a bit simple.

That aside, all good so far!

(nathan) #59

Please build an invoicing system in the app - does a great job - but I don’t have shares in tide - so I need to move over asap

(Stu S) #60

But I want my bank to be a bank?

I have accounting for that.

Surely that’s not exactly priority no 1?


I think it makes sense for Monzo to initially work on integrations with the most used account softwares, so people can run their business accounts as they do now.

In the future it definitely makes sense for Monzo to build their own accounting features into the app so business owners need to spend less time using their accounting software and potentially stop using additional accounting software altogether.

However, if accounting software integrations stalling due to time frames set up the accounting software companies Monzo might as well keep working on their accounting features, especially if they can be implemented quickly so feedback can be gained.

Additionally, it makes sense for the designers for business accounts to keep coming up with stuff and releasing the images to the community for feedback.

Overall I think replies structured along the lines of “This invoicing feature needs to have X which my accounting software does” or “My account software really needs feature Y. It would be great if Monzo could build that into its invoicing” are much better than “why are you guys building invoicing when my accounting software does it”. Constructive feedback and perhaps a comment saying “please work on Z integration” at the end would be the most helpful while also letting Monzo know what people want them to prioritise.

(Kenny Grant) #62

Yes everyone has different requirements, so better to say what things you personally would find useful in business banking, rather than saying what you don’t want, which doesn’t really matter. None of us can or should make decisions on priorities for Monzo - that depends on lots of factors we don’t know about, but we can indicate which things we personally would find useful. I think business banking probably has an even greater range of customer types and customer requirements than personal banking so requirements differ hugely (as we can see above).

The nice thing about Monzo as a business bank is they have all the standard banking stuff covered already (direct debits, standing orders, Euro payments), unlike Tide say, so they can focus on anything extra that could be useful, like integrations or expense tracking. Looking forward to trying the Monzo solution out when/if they cover the things I’d like to see (which may be some time), but it’s nice to see them making a start.

As an investor I think this is potentially a far more lucrative area for Monzo than personal banking.