💡🐙 Bulb and ex-Bulb Octo customer chat

I’n with Octopus, personally. They gave me a Nest too, for a small fee, and sent a guy round to install it, which was nice.

However, their fees are going up, so I might just look at Bulb to see how it compares…


They sent me an £8,000 bill once - after I had sent them monthly meter readings every month for the previous year. Reading through that statement they just hadn’t done the math properly, but it took me months to get them to admit that…

If you need a referral link… :wink:

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I’m sure @tristan will be in there first if he gets wind of this :stuck_out_tongue:


Recently joined bulb and so far so good. Their customer service has been terrific and it’s great to be supporting the use of renewable energy.

If anyone else is looking to get £50 credit on sign up then you can use the link below. Full disclosure I’ll get £50 credit too. Cheers!

So based on the largely positive feedback here I’ve just made the switch to Bulb. We’ll see how it goes.

I must admit if it wasn’t for hearing about them on here I probably wouldn’t have had the impetus to move. Looking at their community - whilst it isn’t as busy as here, they certainly seem to share a similar ethos to Monzo. :+1:

If anyone fancies signing up and uses my referral link, then you (and I) will get £50 credit for it. :wink:

Is Bulb actually the cheapest option for everyone on here? Those of you who have switched to Bulb did you compare price beforehand, and is it the cheapest? If it isn’t, did something else attract you?

I used to be with Ebico because I liked the simplicity; no standing charges and 1 tariff no matter how you paid. Then they partnered with Robin Hood and were no longer cheap if you stayed on the simple plan. The CS also went to pieces at this point.
Bulb happens to be one of the cheapest suppliers and has a single tariff.

I switched to Bulb over a year ago now. So far the price has only gone down. I occasionally do comparisons but usually the difference works out to less than £100 annually, which isn’t worth the hassle of switching.

When you say the price has gone down, do you mean the unit price and/or standing charge has decreased? Or the amount they take every month on your direct debit?

My unit price is down :slight_smile:

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Initially they were ~£5pm more expensive than the cheapest quote for me, although I signed up during their £100 credit offer. Even just the small overall discount was enough for me to switch.

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For me they were the 3rd cheapest,being £3 per month more expensive than my current provider who was the cheapest.

The main draw for me is that they’ll cover my exit fees, and that I have very little to loose if I don’t like them, since they have no exit fees.


For me they were the second cheapest quote. Although there was only a couple of pounds per month difference between most of the top ten.
Largely the choice to go with them was based on hearing positive feedback here and elsewhere plus their core values/ethos.
It was actually a pretty close call between Bulb and Octopus for me and Bulb just edged it.

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Ebico tempted me for the no standing charges and the partnership with a municipal supplier (as a business model that’s something I think we should return to for the greater good. Energy fees shouldn’t be a for profit business when people are freezing in the winter… But that’s just my view). The reputation of poor customer service and the fact it isn’t a green plan put me off.

I ended up going with Bristol Energy’s my green plus tariff. It isn’t the absolute cheapest, but it’s cheaper than the British Gas standard tariff I was on AND it’s both environmentally and socially conscious.

The customer service has been impeccable too. Second only to Monzo.

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Well seeing as everyone here in onboard with it. Here’s my referral link:

As for feedback, I personally just want a simple life. The switch was easy, I got £50 credit to get the ball rolling (had just moved into a new place so expenses were everywhere). The rates are “good” and the electricity is renewable. So basically, I don’t think about my utility bills anymore and I have no complaints or reason to go looking for an alterantive. I don’t miss mail spam or convoluted letters explaining why my rates are going up by 20% in the next year while trying to upsell me… I like simple and that is the main reason I’m with bulb.


I too have made the switch to Bulb. So if anyone is feeling friendly or generous towards me and would like to use my £50 referral code then I’d be more than happy :slight_smile:

So far the transfer process seems to be moving quickly and simply!

Is imitation the greatest form of flattery or is this just theft? I immediately thought “why is Hot Chip dressed as a boiler?” :thinking:



Oh no, a 2.8% rise on 28th April! :open_mouth:


yeah, disappointing (though not unexpected). For me the increase works out as a 4% increase. But I did a couple of quick searches and they are actually still the cheapest for me, even after the increase, so I guess I’ll have to live with this …