3% ATM fee abroad

Please can this topic be closed it is just bringing up pointless stuff again that’s been discussed many time already.


Exactly, the same behaviour as the ‘traditional banks’ that they think they’re replacing. Endless Pumpkin emojis don’t mask over rather obvious, and standard, banking behaviour.

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Hey there community,
Just a quick question.
There was a notification about something to do with £200 and a %3 withdrawal fee. I accidentally skipped it so I couldn’t really understand what it was saying and mentioning.

If someone could give me a quick rundown on what it actually means I would appreciate it.

Go abroad. Withdraw cash from ATM. It is 3% charge. But there is a allocation of £200 free withdrawals.


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Is this a per day limit or per month?

Per calendar month, I believe.

I hope this still turns out better than banks ;(

also how does it work with cashback?

It’s all here. Monzo refer only to limits at ATMs.


It’s an ATM abroad specific charge so won’t affect any other firm of payment.

It’s 1 free withdrawal of up to £200 per calendar month on the prepaid card scheme for as long as that lasts. With the Current Accounts it’s £200 free per rolling 30 days but you can use multiple withdrawals to get that £200.


Oh thanks,
I was worried i would have to take out 200 at once

On the prepaid card you would, on the Current Account you don’t.

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lucky I got a current hehe

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It doesn’t come in until 18th December, so, until then, fill your boots.

on the current account it is a 30 day rolling period


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The Halifax Clarity card is great for foreign travel, but it’s worth remembering that there is no interest free period for cash withdrawals.

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It applies to most Visa and MasterCard cards. It’s getting better, but lots of Japanese ATMs don’t take Visa and Mastercard. 7-Eleven does and I believe the Post Office also does, so there’s two good options.

On a side note, I really don’t see why this fee has some people so upset. It’s targeted at a very high value to hit a small number of abusers. There are few situations where I can imagine needing to withdraw that much cash when travelling abroad. It depends on the country, but generally you might need some cash for public transit and maybe occasional snacks. If even that, some countries you can go to completely cash-free.

Japan is one of the worst, obviously, but even there you can use your card to pay your lodging. Still, £200/month won’t get you far in Japan. But that’s a rare exception. For the average Briton travelling to Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, etc this is just a non-issue.

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