ZTE Axon 30 - UDC Discussion

I’m looking at getting a ZTE Axon 30 because I want an android phone and that UDC is reeling me in - it’s fairly good spec too, starting at £429 for 8GB ram, 128GB storage. £520 for 12GB ram, 256GB storage and yes, it does have an SD card slot (shared with second sim (no eSIM unfortunately)

But what do others think, especially about the 'invisible until you need it, camera under the display?

ZTE Axon 30 5G - Full phone specifications (gsmarena.com)


I’ve stuck it into tech and gaming for you :ok_hand: was sat in Monzo chat, which is more stuff about Monzo


Looks like a good phone to be fair, at those kind of prices you could even look at a Google Pixel which is just stock software and not tweaked by other companies.

I still don’t know what I want, I’m leaning towards the Pixel 6 when it gets released. I just need to look at it compared to everything else once it’s out

I was also looking at the Pixel 6. I guess we shall see, that UDC really interests me as you get a full uninterrupted display and a camera when you need it, rather than a constant hole punch

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This guy is worth a sub

I already subscribe to TechSpurt

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At £429 it looks ace, could possibly be my wife’s upgrade from the Moto G9 plus.

I’ve recently went with the Mi 11 Lite 5G which I got for £300 but goes for £329.

For £100 more I think the underscreen fingerprint and camera is worth it. Compared to mine spec wise it’s fairly similar. The 870 trumps the 780, but the 5nm node on mine makes it slightly better on the battery. I was looking at the Poco F3 but I don’t really game and it’s a heavy ugly beast. The Moto Edge 20 Pro is shit specs for the money.

My key criteria was weight having come from the Moto G6 Plus which was 167g I really didn’t want any more bulk.

The Mi 11 Lite 5G is 159g which to me is normal or how phones should be. I like how the Axon is sub 200g and not a chunky bugger.

Here’s a comparison


If this Edge wasn’t £649 and £449 or £349 then yeah. Poco F3 with the same 870 was going for £249 the other week.


Useful benchmark stats

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