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Today on weird updates….

I wonder if they count breaking compatability with iOS 12/13 as a “Bug fix” or an “improvement” :wink:

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They won’t. I’ve never met a person who’s voted for them, yet someone seems to be.

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That’s happened several times in recent times. People don’t tell pollsters that they’re voting for party X if party X is getting a lot of bad press but on the day they put their X beside the candidate from party X.

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Usually these are the silent majority looking after their wallet, but the Tories have been kicking them in it if late. Perhaps people will think Labour will kick them harder.

I think there is a big difference between Tory voters not turning up to vote (like in these by elections) & them switching the Labour.

Good god.

First direct debit was taken from monzo yesterday.

It’s not been credit to Zopa, they’ve quick enough applied a £12 sum of default fee and look to be reporting it as a missed payment.

Went to live chat. Selected credit card three times in the chat options that come up.

Someone comes through, asks me what product I’m talking about.

I said credit card, like I’ve already tapped 3 times in the chat above.

Then asks me for my card expiry date (even though I’m messaging through the app).

What a shit show.

And monzo shines through as great as always

And every time I tap close on that chat I get this, and it opens the chat again :melting_face:

Called Zopa, selected credit card on the IVR, entered security details, get through to someone who asks me to let them know what product im calling about and go through full security again.

What in the lord.


I just found out Zopa do a flexible ISA with a good rate, but I can’t find where in their app I can apply for it. It doesn’t say anything about an ISA anywhere. Is roll out restricted?

Is it the smart ISA you’re referring to?


Opening the app there’s a tile on the front called “Smart Savings Hub” - which has my savings account in - I click on that, then at the bottom there’s a CashISA panel, which you can use to go through & open the ISA

All I see at the bottom of my savings pots (in the Smart Savings Hub) is the option for boosted pots, nothing else.

This is what I see! :eyes:

I see the ‘Saving for the future?’ section, and that’s where it ends. My wife’s Zopa app is the same as mine, no ISA option either.

Zopa ISAs don’t allow transfers in which is disappointing.

Maybe because of this ?

But I have a Smart Saver, we both do. With multiple pots.

Upon chatting with support, I deleted and reinstalled the app - lo and behold, the ISA option appeared, along with some other options that weren’t there before.