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I mean, I agree with Hanley, it is Economic BS


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They’re lagging behind when their 90-day rate is less than Chip’s instant rate…

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Disappointing increases, given recent activity by competitors.

Instant access rate is less than Tandem, Ford and RCI. And even Kroo…

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Chip’s 90 day rate is 4.1%

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Xopa are just not competing atm.

Perhaps, as their coffers empty, they will re-evaluate :person_shrugging:

My account will be empty by the end of this month.

Where are you moving to?

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Skipton Tracker at 3.60% until 1 July, then it transfers into my Skipton Members RS at 7.50%

I only have £259 left in Zopa, in my last ladder pot.


I have 5 90 day ‘accounts/pots’ whatever, all due by the end of this month. All going to Chip, at present, unless something hoves into view giving me a better option.

The 4.1% Chip 90 looks good at the moment but I expect that it will be outdone soon by someone without any notice period.

The only think I don’t like about that Chip 90 day notice account, you can’t transfer money from your existing chip pot, only from a bank account

It must be an external provider or something

That seems an unnecessary extra step to me too.

Can you transfer to the 1.10% account from the 3.82%, to save using external provider?

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Big L

Not a simple app, is it? :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Doesn’t seem to be

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I find the app very irritating, that said I appreciate the interest rate. Mind you I think they are starting to slip behind the better rates. Their website does seem to suggest that they make changes ahead of the rest, they don’t.

I will continue with them until a better rate, with instant access turns up. Although I am tempted with the 9 months Atom off - 4.85% (ish) for a few quid.

Same :thinking: