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Zopa is now a bank!


I have a vague memory that they were going for a banking licence, but this is all new to me:

Now we have our banking licence, we’ll soon be launching our new Fixed Term Savings account, Credit Card and Money Management app. Sign up below to be the first to hear more and find out how you can be the first to test them.

Sounds a bit Tandem.


A modern credit card is always a good thing.


Sounds like no current account to start with and a lot more product focused than some when starting out…

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Very interesting to see what rate fixed savers they’ll offer and if they are protected, also very interested in to see what credit cards they’ll offer

Making the media:

Interview with Zopa’s CEO

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Most recent?

Sounds very much like they’ve built with current customers in mind. Secretly partnering with Starling? :wink:

Been with Zopa with an ISA investment for a few months now.

I do like that I’m possibly getting 4.9% back currently. This can vary depending on the loans you support which is automatic.

I’m reducing my current savings to pay off a credit card and reduce my PayPal credit balance, but I will be sticking with a Zopa ISA for savings.