Zeux - New fintech disruptor - Discussion

Don’t want to make this about race, but it’s a bit unfair to make this comment? Are we saying because Revolut Director is Russian we shouldn’t trust the company due to Russian spy allegations. I’d hope the fintech community is more welcoming of different nationalities. Competition is healthy.

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It is indeed but that seems to be the narrative coming from the government/media. Revolut’s l founder’s links to Russia are causing them issues with their banking license, companies linked to China are getting blocked from certain projects.

In the interest of transparency, are you affiliated with this brand in some way?

Nope, I would consider myself to be an early adopter though. I was an early sign up for monzo, which was awesome at the time. Then I got revolut, Pockit,and so on. Got dozens too, just trying them all out. I just like that fact that fintechs are just trying to make real change. I didn’t realise there was a ‘fintech’ chat in the forums until recently so wanted to contribute.

no physical card

Nah I’m good. :slight_smile: Makes this useless for international travel, a bunch of small shops, emergency cash withdrawal, etc. Also is it cheeky to say that the app looks like a Starling rip-off?

Nice it’s a visa! Just what I needed.

Also: Zeux will be available in the rest of Europe later this year and the rest of the world in 2020.

No worries, I was just curious as it was your first post on the forum. Welcome :wave:

None of my budgeting apps support Zeux yet (Emma/Yolt/MD). I’ll hold off on applying for this new one. Although the visa will come in handy at times.

An image on their website suggests a savings account paying 2.5% interest. Is that actually available? If it is, what type of savings account is it? Is it provided by a partner bank?

They’ve got 1 year and rolling market p2p with Ratesetter “coming soon” in the app.

The Savings product is this…

To my untrained eye, it looks complicated, plus somewhat lacking in detail.


Sounds to good to be true. Don’t like some explanations about mining public mobile data. No wonder USA were wary of Huawei. ZEUX being a Chinese company I heard hmmm.

I’m completely new to USDT also. Just been reading around the cryptocurrency tokens.
Supposed to be 1:1. They state that if it crashes to 0.5 they will still return 1 USD per token. Really?

I was pleasantly surprised to see they have partnered with Ratesetter, but really unimpressed by the limited info on their savings and funds. Very unclear how the savings works

I just realised they tried to follow me on Instagram :sweat_smile:


Anyone know anything about tokenmania?

Very little on the website


As per @Gaoler post, if it crashes to 0.5USD per 1USDT they would return 2 tokens. Regardless, I guess you’d still have the problem of ‘selling’ the USDT, so whilst there is some security there, withdrawing and subsequently selling a falling crypto is likely to incur some loss.

Conversely, this is a great way for them to make profit and pay higher APR, of the value of 1USDT goes to 2USD then when you cash out they would only give you 0.5USDT (+6% = 0.53USDT). They are then well into profit on the balance.

Presumably this model is based on most of the cryptos they deal in increasing in value net over the long term.


They are definitely ambitious

It seems there’s so little attention in the UK mainstream because they’re targeting Chinese expats primarily at the moment

And this is what a crypto/fiat platform looks like?! I’m somewhat cynical about anything this convoluted

Whitepaper here

Might sink some ETH :joy:


This just released

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I’ve never even heard of GBP Stablecoin, looks like some sort of Crypto currency?

Not gonna lie, and it might be because I’m not exactly well versed on crypto currencies, but if my eyebrow could raise any further it would become part of my hairline. (And my hairline ain’t exactly that far forward on my head anymore.)


Its this
Whatever this is…

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5%… I wonder how safe it is?

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