You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(Kyle Risi) #85

Sorry if this has already been asked, but now that I have purchased my shares, what now? How do I manage these in the future, where can I access them. Generally, what now?:grin:

(Michael) #86

Crowdcube will be in touch via email in the near future with all the information. They’ll manage them etc going forward.

(Kyle Risi) #87

Are there any plans to view shares directly from within Monzo? Does monzo have anything to do with crowdcube?


You’ll get an email, probably with an attachment, that says you have this many shares. You could print it off and frame it but you can’t do anything with them.

(MikeF) #89

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘manage them’ in this context. There is absolutely nothing you can do with them so, other than an email confirming ownership, I’m not sure what you’re looking for.


In the future, under the few circumstances that would allow you to sell your shares, you’ll probably get another email notifying you of what you can do.

(Nathan) #91

Short answer… No.

You wont know a share price until either after the IPO or the next round of funding.

Whichever comes first :slight_smile: heres to hoping its IPO :pray:

(Gareth) #92

Quick figures

38% of 6487 existing investors, reinvested
On total average people invested £555
Old investors avg £830, new investors £535
The last public round saw 34,780 pledges unfulfilled, so up to 96% have now had another chance.


Here’s Jack’s @Jackcrwhitney account screenshot (Hope you’re ok for me to use it as an example):

Here’s mine:


Do you have Payments with Friends enabled? That’s a link to send money to the user.

(Den Howlett) #95

Err - yes. Of course I do.

(James McCarthy) #96

Pretty disappointed in the process. As a new customer I missed out on the opportunity. Not convinced the favouring existing investors allowed many new on, and the lack of notification exacerbated that.

A window for new customer investors would have been nice. Push notifications would have given more opportunity, and several windows in traunches would have given an opportunity to those who were otherwise disposed (I was flying at the time). It’s kind of like getting tickets to Glastonbury, yeah you have to be fast, but taking pre registered interest and running several slots helps democratise such an over subscribed offering.

(Nick) #97

There was £20m on offer. Existing investors only took £1.8m of it. So that’s £18.2m to new investors.


I see a lot of people asking for push notifications, but the reality is, so many clearly didn’t understand what they were doing (and still don’t understand what they were doing) - But invested anyway.

If Monzo effectively advertised “Hey, come and invest right now” - They would have only highlighted this issue even more, with uneducated Monzo customers investing.

There was a window (all be it a very small one in the grand scheme of things), and there was plenty of warning for people.

I get it’s frustrating for those who didn’t get in, but I don’t see how Monzo could have done it any better IMO.

(Chris Wright) #99

Managed to get on and get involved, been using monzo around 10 months now, i saw this as a great opportunity. Can’t wait to see where the company goes now :slight_smile:

(Nick) #101

I don’t think this one comment can be liked too many times.

Monzo did their job alerting us with the feed item last week. After that, it was up to us to do our research, make our decision, and plan our own arrangements to invest in time.

Some quarters criticised Monzo for ‘pushing’ shares to ‘uneducated customers’ with that feed item. I can only imagine the outcry if there had been a literal push message saying “Invest now!”

(Gareth) #102

2000 vs 34000?

Blog posts, forum updates and an in-feed item if you had opened the Monzo app last week…

That was the window…

I agree with these, if push notification was opt-in

(Hugh Wells) #103

I’m really sorry to hear that @James2m - by new customer do you mean you signed up for Monzo after crowdfunding had been announced?

I’m afraid that we had to restrict the number of people eligible to take part in the crowdfunding to only those who were existing customers (therefore excluding those who joined after the announcement was made). This is essentially because otherwise the pool of people that could invest would be unrestricted and would pretty much turn it into a kind of IPO - this was a private share offering.


Feel free to like every one of my comments from here on in :joy:

(Kenny Grant) #105

Now you wait for around 5 years, and if you’re lucky you might make some money on them. You won’t be able to sell these for some time, and they are a speculative investment. If there is a chance to sell them you can be sure Monzo will let you know about it.