You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(Nathan) #375

Thats very odd… i was on 3g data and found it to be a stp. Very easy and load wasnt an issue at 10:04 ish

Stp = straight through process*

(Rich) #376

I appear to have accidentally clicked my self out of the investors group.
Anyone know how I get my self back in?

(Michael) #377

Message @cookywook is your best bet probably

(Joël Kai Lenz) #378

There is an investor group?

Where is this one?

(Jack) #379

If you’re an investor drop @cookywook a message and you can be added.


In this context, Investor Group means the little rocket badge on the profile pic of investors.

If you invested and don’t have it, @MichaelMayes had the solution:

(Joël Kai Lenz) #381

Cool thanks :slight_smile:

(Natalia) #382

Hi all, not sure where to ask this question, so thought I’d post here. Has anyone received their share certificates yet?

(Natalia) #383

I also don’t have my investor badge… any idea when they will be attaching them to our profiles? Or is it just me?

(Jolin) #384

It should show up by now. If it’s not, just send a quick DM to @cookywook with the email address you used to invest.

(Michael) #385

As in the email from Crowdcube? Got that about two weeks after

That email does not send the certificates themselves, but they can be downloaded from within the Crowdcube website once you activate the link

(MikeF) #386

If you’re talking about some form of paper certificate, I don’t think there is such a thing.

Crowdcube legally hold the shares and they emailed out the appropriate data to all shareholders a week or two after the funding window closed.

Your proof of ownership can be viewed in the Crowdcube app.

(Tom) #387


(Sam) #388

You’ll receive an Investor card next time you get a new card. This could be when your existing card expires, is lost/stolen or breaks. Alternatively, you can order a new one through the app.


You’ll get an Investor card when your current card expires, if you lose and replace your current card or choose to freeze and replace your current card.

(Tom) #390

@redshift @FlyingDutchman

Thanks guys!

(Natalia) #391

Oh i see! Thanks! I logged in to my crowdcube account and can see that i can actually download the certificate. Awesome