You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(Nathan) #375

Thats very odd… i was on 3g data and found it to be a stp. Very easy and load wasnt an issue at 10:04 ish

Stp = straight through process*

(Rich) #376

I appear to have accidentally clicked my self out of the investors group.
Anyone know how I get my self back in?

(Michael) #377

Message @cookywook is your best bet probably

(Joël Kai Lenz) #378

There is an investor group?

Where is this one?

(Jack) #379

If you’re an investor drop @cookywook a message and you can be added.


In this context, Investor Group means the little rocket badge on the profile pic of investors.

If you invested and don’t have it, @MichaelMayes had the solution:

(Joël Kai Lenz) #381

Cool thanks :slight_smile: