You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️) #334

I was annoyed I missed out last time. That was just pure bad luck though.
This time, no way I missing out. I made sure I was ready and could do it. I think people are arguing against those who didn’t read the details of the funding.

(Thomas) #335

Would it be possible for the next time there’s a crowdfunding campaign that there’s more opportunity to buy the shares. I understand that evidently it sold within a couple of hours. But in my job I can’t be on my phone waiting for the shares to be available. Especially not 10am in the morning when most people are working. Possible next time give people who haven’t managed to buy shares a two day head start instead of the ones who already have shares. In my view at least that would make it a lot fairer.


If it’s not during working hours then there would have to be a huge amount of extra people working on monzos side to handle the extra load.

~18 million went to new investors Vs previous investors, so the impact of old investors going first was very very low.

I can understand your disappointment, but I think it would be impractical to do it any other way.

Edit: maybe opening at 12.30, when there is a higher chance of potential investors being on lunch break?

(MikeF) #337

Unfortunately, it was the people who hadn’t bought shares who bought them out in a couple of hours. Giving them a two day head start would just have createdvthe same problem two days earlier.

From the sound of your work circumstances, you still wouldn’t have got a look in even if that had happened.

(Thomas) #338

During lunch hours would certainly give a better chance to take part. :smile:

(Is Santa here yet?) #339

I don’t think anyone expected them to be sold that quickly


Shares were still available during lunch hours (at least part of lunch hours)

(Thomas) #341

Well by the time I was able to get on the app they had all gone


I do think it would have been good to push it further into the afternoon. I only got a few by pure chance, I was scheduled to be busy over lunch as well.

(Thomas) #343

I agree, Who ever said no to more money! :joy::joy:

(Thomas) #344

Hopefully next time there will be ample opportunity for everyone

(Neil) #345

Will my Monzo investment show up on my Crowdcube Portfolio along with my other investments?

(Thomas) #346

Or even if they hit their target on their first day don’t shut it until the end of day to give everyone a chance to join in.

(MikeF) #347

If they’ve hit their target, there are no more shares to sell so no ability to ‘keep it open’. When you’re out of stock you have to stop selling.

(Thomas) #348

Was the target to sell all shares they possibly had?

(Thomas) #349

Or to sell to a specific amount

(MikeF) #350

They’d agreed a £20m fund with the venture capitalists. So that was all they had to sell.

(Thomas) #351

Do we know of any crowdfunding campaigns coming in the future? Or are there any other platforms to buy monzo shares on?

(MikeF) #352

Nope. Shares are not technically sellable (except in very particular circumstances) and crowdfunding has just completed so I doubt anyone’s even thinking about another round at this point. It may never be necessary again.

(Thomas) #353

Well that sucks