You’ve invested £20,000,000 in Monzo! 🚀

(Dan) #312

I didn’t get a notification either but at 09:45 I was sat waiting… :rofl::rofl: Didn’t care what was happening around me :joy:

(Jonathon) #313

In my head I got a notification too, but the more I think about it the more I doubt myself and may have just completely made it up.


Yeah I am the same

(Colin Robinson) #315

There was a blue banner at the bottom of the app but you would only have seen it if you had the app open before they sold out.

(Michael) #316

I was getting emails direct across multiple days, emails for blog posts across multiple days, banner in app the morning before it opened, link in app after it opened

The only reason I didn’t go to look till lunchtime is that I did not expect it to sell out quite that quickly - thought I would have a day or two to consider further. Had to jump on it around 12 :slight_smile:

(Michael) #317

Not sure I got a notification or not - cannot check now either way - but certainly felt fully up with when they would be available and how many would be available


I’ve still got the banner in my app from the 26th November…

(Mark Dunne) #319

Apologies if this has already been asked somewhere, but will investors from the latest round get the little rocket icon on their community avatar/pic?

(MikeF) #320

That should have already happened. If you’re due it but don’t have it, give @cookywook a shout.

(Michael) #322

Already happened for me today. Did change email address for here to match Monzo on advance to be sure

(MikeF) #323

The system isn’t completely foolproof even when your email address matches (between your bank and forum accounts), but they do need to match!

(Mark Dunne) #324

My email address for my Monzo account and community account do match, however, Monzo do seem to send emails to my old gmail account instead of my new outlook?

(Michael) #325

Oh. Guess you might need to check with Monzo itself then…


Got mine in… thanks Monzo :+1:t2:

(Rich) #327

So funny all these comments blaming Monzo they didn’t get a notification.
We had emails a week in advance, if you were that serious about investing you would of set a reminder/alarm/got your mum to remind you.
Blaming you didn’t get a notification kinda makes me believe you’re not ready to invest.


I can imagine many of the people who think these people venting are wrong were themselves feeling everything was unfair in 2017 or 2016.

Sometimes people just need to vent. Let them vent (even if their complaints don’t make sense) :+1:


Enough people followed the forums and lead up to fill the quota in just over 2 hours. Even with no alert, people managed it!

I for one was poised at 09:55 even though I was with my boss, in an important meeting…I was “messaging” for “work purposes” :sunglasses:

But hey…I get a cool rocket thingy on the forum and the option to singlehandedly destroy the planet by requesting 1 x special card!


I’m kind of in agreement, there was lots of advanced notice, the time and date was said, people were emailed, the details were all there. It was your responsibility to read the details and then if you decided to invest, show up in time. Not a huge ask.


Great stuff :facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:

(Mike) #333

Full steam ahead for Monzo now… :steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive: