You know Monzo has arrived when:

You wake up on a Sunday morning to find your 64 year old mum has sent you a golden ticket for this great new bank…
And coincidentally her golden ticket came from her sister.


… When Monzoing money to each other is a thing. When a brand becomes a verb you know its catching on!


Monzo is a nice verb candidate indeed.
Better than coming up with another irregular, e.g. Starling / Starlang / Starlung :grin:

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Why would your Mum send you a Golden Ticket when you’re already a Monzo user/Investor? :thinking: I can only presume she sent it in error… or that this didn’t happen at all.

:clap::clap::clap: you got it!

:joy: oddly enough I sent her one during the prepaid phase that she ignored.

Now she’s retired she’s heading to Australia to be closer to my sister. She was looking for a better way to manage her money when spending part of the year back here.
I’d actually just reccomended transferwise as an account to her to receive her pension into.
Her sister reccomended monzo…


Yer I think you were right - TransferWise is probably the way to go to be honest, unless she’s not planning to make a lot of cash withdrawals (which incur a 3% fee if you’ve withdrawn more than £200 in the last 30 days).

Monzo hasn’t arrived in this part of the Kingdom, then, for I haven’t experienced either of these :wink:

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