You can now switch energy supplier through Monzo!

So when i switched last month, the reward notification i clicked through said up to £50, I’ve recently received a £40 reward added to my octopus account. just wondering why it was £10 less

The £50 if I’m not mistaken is for OVO. I’ve just stated the switch (whoop whoop :raised_hands:t2:) for octopus and it says on the app now for octopus :octopus: £40 :slight_smile:

Just had a look at the energy switching feature in the app. Options were no cheaper than my existing supplier so I won’t be switching at this time.

However, it would be helpful if I could tell the app how much I’m currently paying alongside my energy usage, and then have it send me a notification in the future if there does come a point at which it could get me a better deal (i.e. similar to MSE Cheap Energy Club).


Wow! Ovo just leapt into the big league.

Is there any plan to add other tariffs?

One of the main attractions to Octopus for me is that their energy is 100% renewable. But it would be great to also have their Carbon Neutral plan (supergreen) through Monzo

Behaving like a Big Six already :joy:

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