You can now switch energy supplier through Monzo!

So when i switched last month, the reward notification i clicked through said up to £50, I’ve recently received a £40 reward added to my octopus account. just wondering why it was £10 less

The £50 if I’m not mistaken is for OVO. I’ve just stated the switch (whoop whoop :raised_hands:t2:) for octopus and it says on the app now for octopus :octopus: £40 :slight_smile:

Just had a look at the energy switching feature in the app. Options were no cheaper than my existing supplier so I won’t be switching at this time.

However, it would be helpful if I could tell the app how much I’m currently paying alongside my energy usage, and then have it send me a notification in the future if there does come a point at which it could get me a better deal (i.e. similar to MSE Cheap Energy Club).


Wow! Ovo just leapt into the big league.