You can now pay cash into your Monzo account!

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It would be nice to know if this has now occurred and we should see a better service. Maybe @nickrw can share? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some will, some won’t - I guess we shall see :slight_smile:

To summarise they’ve always stated that this is in the early stages and they will be monitoring and improving it over time, and I gave an example above, so nothing is concrete. It was launched less than 2 months ago, which isn’t long at all, and is even less if you exclude the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Just to be clear, I’m not defending Monzo or saying that anyone is wrong with their opinions. All I’m saying is at least be fair and take into account some of the things Monzo have kindly shared with us since launch.


Course :slight_smile:

I just don’t have faith that the disperate Paypoint rag-tag - and some brilliant - shops will all be able to rise to the standard.


You can pretty much guarantee they won’t rise to the occasion. It’s paypoint a few are good most are just to top up your electric metre and they’ll only let you do it if you buy something in their shop.

The reality is literally everyone knows paypoints a bit crap and always has been. There’s a good reason every other bank uses the post office.

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I emailed paypoint regarding my experience.
I got the below reply on the 18th Jan, I’m going to give it a couple of weeks so they have chance to receive and read the letter and then try again and see what happens.

" Thank you for your e-mail to PayPoint.

We have sent a letter of warning to the store in question to ensure this does not continue.

PayPoint do not condone these practices and we apologise for any inconveniences caused.

Kind Regards,

Michael Reich
Fraud Investigator & Customer Experience Executive"


Fraud and CX under the same job title :thinking:

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I’ve only used it once for and it was fine for 200£ ,

Personally I would but some pressure on the cashier to swipe my card and type in the full amount, I’m not just going to drive to the next PayPoint.

Once they’ve done it once it shouldn’t be a problem after.

To be fair the only options are PayPoint and Post office, and with PayPoints being open until late at night and being cheaper , that’s probably why they went over the only other option.


Remember you don’t work for monzo. It’s cheaper for them, it’s more expensive for you as they pass on the cost to you.

In pretty much every aspect of this service it is worse than the competition. Just because we like monzo doesn’t mean things should just get a pass. Quite simply, the service is worse than it should be and costs money when it shouldn’t.

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I don’t think standing there and arguing they swipe my card would of worked.
Out of interest the fact it’s cheaper shouldn’t matter, the cost could still be passed on for a decent provider like the post office.

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So, it’s been nearly 3 months now. Is there any sign of upping the 6-month limit so that I can deposit more than £1,000 in my account?

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It has been about 10 weeks since launch, so I wouldn’t have thought that there is enough data to make an informed decision from such a short period of time.

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Fair enough. I was hoping that they can at least see how many users reached the limit (I did in 4 weeks!).

It’s just frustrating when competitors have unlimited deposits and we have £1k :confused:.

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Yeah I can imagine in your situation that it would be frustrating. I haven’t seen anyone from Monzo mention anything unfortunately.

I assume you have exhausted all other options of getting paid via bank transfer, Monzo me etc? You could always deposit into a legacy bank and transfer it over too.

(Tom) #416

I do yes. I have a post office nearby but the problem is, the bank I’m with a bank which not only requires a paying in book at the post office but 3 working days for the cash to go in which is very frustrating.

I’d love to go Full Monzo and bin the legacy account but it is impossible until I can pay enough in for cash deposits.

Appreciate they are being careful due to crime, but does that mean Starling are being risky with theres?

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If you can’t change the way you’re paid, I’d be ditching them and opening an account with Natwest, Santander or some other high street bank purely for depositing cash into and transferring over. 3 days is ridiculous.

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I’d go Starling for your situation. You could always transfer it over to your Monzos if need be.

(Tom) #419

I tried but Starling would t let me open an account and wouldn’t tell me why I was refused.


if monzo can’t provide you with a competitive service then you shouldn’t use them. Find a better bank in this case.

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I agree, I also feel that if Monzo are wanting customers to go full Monzo they will really need to get this fixed, it should be free to make deposits.

It very rarely will have any impact on me, but I currently have £60 sitting on my kitchen shelf. I’d love to drop it into my account but I won’t.

(Tom) #422

Well, apart from depositing cash, they can. Being able to deposit more than £1k every six months is a pretty basic bank service to ask for…