“You are £100 within your budget” — message has gone in latest version?

Not sure if by design or not, but since around dec 1st (latest version 3.10.0?) I’m not seeing this message under the pie chart any more.

It was super useful: a rolling net over/under indicator against my monthly budget target.

Is anyone else also missing this?!

If removed deliberately it makes really no sense at all — it was really, really satisfying to watch this indicator for up if I spend under budget on one day, and was an at a glance way to tell me how much I could splurge and still be in budget.

(The info is/was not the same as the total spot monthly spent figure vs monthly budget — it’s the difference between the two I guess.)

If your budget has recently reset, this is what always happens. It’ll reappear eventually.

its been a week since mine has reset and the message isnt back yet

Mine’s been back for a couple of days now (budget reset on 26th).

This is indeed normal behaviour. It confused me a lot too the first time I noticed, and was annoying having to manually add stuff up while I waited.

Tbh I still don’t understand why it doesn’t show. If anything, you’d think the chart colours wouldn’t. The over/under is just one number deducted from another, it should work any time of month.

I didn’t reset the budget — I think it happened after the budget period expired (end of last month).

Definitely a bug then: if it reappears “after some time” (maybe) — there’s no reason for it to disappear at the start of a new budget cycle, and definitely no reason for it to take an indeterminate number of days to reappear.

A shame.

It’s not a bug because it’s been deliberately coded that way. The time is only indeterminate because none of us customers have bothered to work out what it is.

I imagine that it takes some days for a sensible average spend to settle down and be calculated. It could be all over the place if calculated on only a day or two of data.

Hmm let’s see - 4 days into the new month and it’s still not telling me any daily budget information. I haven’t spent much so far, so it should be showing me “you are {4x daily budget} within your daily budget” like it did all of last month.

I still think it’s a bug!

Gonna check out Revolut, it’s vexing me that badly :joy_cat:

Fair enough. As far as I can recall, it’s always been like this. I’ve no idea why, though.

It’s back for me. My budget resets on the first of the month.

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MIne came back this morning.

If I change the budget amount mid-cycle, it disappears. I changed it back to what it was, it came back again.