Yonder Card - The rewards credit card for Londoners

Maybe he just doesn’t want to, but is too polite to say, so is using this as his out?


That’s why I prefer referring to people that don’t have a referral kickback – then I can just genuinely say “hey this is great, check it out”. Feels more genuine.

Though if someone says they’re interested anyway I will pounce with a referral :laughing:

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Oh, I’m sure of it. I won’t go back to him with this info, but it’s interesting that it’s not clear that the perceived drawbacks aren’t actually drawbacks at all.

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I’ve made Yonder my main card for my three month trial period. I like the app, but I have a huge bug bear. I can’t hide the background picture / getting started thing so I have my transaction list front and centre. I wish I didn’t have to drag it up every time…

What’s it look like?

I really wish it had more useable space. I’ll never complete that onboarding checklist thing as I won’t ever refer anyone / send anyone points. So it’s just there, blinking at me (it blinks), incomplete.

I’ll never complain about the Starling pie again. At least that conveys some useful info.

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So that goes when you get 5,700 points?

The 5.7k points are for a bunch of “getting started” steps like “make 5 transactions” “invite a friend” and “send someone some points”. The latter two I’ll never do (unless you want a Yonder card :wink:) so no idea if it disappears.

If it does it will still just leave a big unused empty space. I think it’s poor UI/UX in an otherwise quite nice app.

Seems Yonder application is unfriendly to people with 2 middle names like me, same as Experian.

I also failed to create an account on MSE and Experian for checking the credit score, but succeed with TransUnion (Credit Karma) and Equifax (ClearScore).

Do you need to provide middle names? I flip-flop between providing it and not providing it when signing up for things. I hate my middle name so unless it explicitly asks for it I tend to omit it.

Not telling you that’s what you should do just that’s what I tend to.

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I don’t hate mine it just makes my all ready long name even stupidly longer so unless there is a “middle name” box I always leave it off.

I tried to fill in only the first name, and the 3-word “first + middle” name, but I still got the the same error message from the eligibility check

Yonder finally got biometric security through their latest update.

It was already secure.

I shall be cancelling my Yonder card once all transactions settle. It was a mistake to open it and take the credit score hit.

The offers are for hip Londoners and couldn’t be further from “my vibe”. Went out of my way searching for one of the restaurants. I ended up at a makeshift food court made of shipping containers, with restaurants being smaller than my bathroom. The place Yonder had an offer for was closed even though it should’ve been open without any note as to why. Ended up eating some lovely but overpriced food in a corridor.

I then went to a cafe to try a point redemption and because no trains were running. Only to discover that points redemptions suck. I had purchased something for £6 and would’ve expected to be able to redeem points equivalent to £6. Instead, I was forced to redeem £10 worth of points so lost about £4. It’s a great deal for Yonder but sucks for the customer.

Big regret, as I don’t want many credit searches on my file and this feels like a wasted one. Might go back to a good old trusty RBS CC.


I’m shocked. /s

I can’t fathom what in the world persuaded you it might be otherwise. Particularly to the point of actually signing up!

I don’t think they’ll ever worm their way off my bad list.


Newcastle had a thing called Stack made of ship containers but you could eat outside in the open space, it had loads of bars and a stage for music etc and a huge seating area.

It was great!

I know doesn’t help your Yonder cause, sorry :grimacing:

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I mean it’s fine as a credit card. It allows you to spend on credit and offers S75 protection. Hell, customer services are more responsive than Monzo.

But the offers and the vibe couldn’t be further from me. I guess I’m an Amex Platinum kind of person not a Yonder kind of person. I don’t like grungey weird places or coffee shops selling £6 donuts the size of my head.

I prefer simple and straightforward. I’ll spend my points on the online wine offer and might even pay my card off early. That’s how much the dining offer + the points scam put me off. If I go for a rewards card I want to be rewarded not made to go out of my way to find that the place is inexplicably closed.


This sounds like the same sort of thing, it was called Boxpark I believe. The food was lovely if overpriced, I was just miffed that the place I specifically went for (and online it said it was open) was closed so I ended up spending £30 on dinner I didn’t want to.


Some food for thought before you go through with cancelling!

Is it better with credit cards to cancel them or leave them dormant?

What if they improve the points thing down the line? Would that make a worthy case for your use? If so, might be better off with a little less haste in your decision, especially in light of the pros you’ve discovered using it.