Me too. I’m still annoyed at Yolt though. They should give customers the option.

So Yolt had a pretty big update and now have their own card with saving features and stuff

It’s not a huge deal, just something quite interesting. No checks as long as they have verified your ID. There are also some cashback offers

Any chance that text can be copied/pasted, please?

And are there really extra costs when spending in a different currency? :thinking:

Sadly the text is split up in different segments and with the app requiring Face ID every time I switch away and back I would go insane by the time I copy it all out. But the picture can be zoomed, at least on my phone

There is a virtual card and a physical card, both can be added to Apple/Google Pay simultaneously.

There are fees for cash withdrawals and overseas spending so it’s more of a budgeting card than a travel card and isn’t designed with cash in mind at all

I ordered one as it comes with no extra checks and was curious about the design. Will most likely leave it untouched though

Does the Yolt card have any fees?

Both the issuing of the virtual and physical card come at no cost to our users. You can also take advantage of all our cool features for free.

For some things we will have to charge a small fee:

  • 95p for National ATM withdrawals

  • £1.65 for international ATM withdrawals

  • 0.50% on non-GBP transactions with the card

  • Re-issuing a lost, stolen or damaged cards. £5.50 for replacement card if it’s the 2nd replacement issued within 12 months


Looks interesting. Never really explored these type of apps before.

Is it similar to Emma?

Not sure if either of these are for me though as I would like to think that I am already in control of my finances without sharing my banking data with outside parties, but then you never know :man_shrugging:

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I prefer Yolt to Emma purely for the design and that they’re not pushing a premium product

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It’s the main difference between a bank with unlimited resources and a startup. :slight_smile:

No, they don’t make much money with the products in Actions.


I would imagine that keeping both options was an unreasonable engineering cost to sustain in terms of complexity to manage…

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Card arrived today and I like it. It’s clean white with minimal info on both sides and this teal colour works well. Card also has a teal core and can be activated in app like with Monzo

It won’t see any use though!

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What happens if you lose your password and recovery code?

That is a very good question, and I have no idea. I read somewhere that they made it easier to recover access to an account but I don’t actually know. Have reached out to ask now


They haven’t responded yet. Interesting…

Also, there was an issue with early cards where the chip could not be read. All fixed now and I’ll also be getting a £10 bribe


Is the yolt card still a thing? It’s never come up in the app for me, though still on the website. Looks like it never got going!

It’s in the app for me, it’s still a thing!

You must be on the beta

V2.12.0 has no sign of it

Are you on iOS or Android? It only seems to be available on iOS still.

Ahhh, all is revealed!

Yes, I’m on iOS so that’s probably why it’s there!

I switched from iOS to android a few months ago and had to close my Yolt account and open a new one, as an upgraded iOS account couldn’t sign in on the android app.

Bye bye. :pensive: