I mentioned that to them months ago but they didn’t seem interested in sorting it out so I switched to Emma instead :neutral_face:

(Richard) #42

Don’t have a joint account with Monzo… but it’s working ok with a normal account.

(Morty) #43


(Maike Wolstenholme) #44

Hey! Maike here from Yolt. Sorry you’ve been experiencing this issue. Basically, we’re working on drastically improving how we show Monzo joint account & pots information, as it’s particularly hard for Yolt to recognise the difference between these (as they’re technically the same current account).

(Splodf) #45

Emma can do it. You might need to ask :wink:

(Maike Wolstenholme) #46

Hey - Please see my comment below! We’re definitely interested in getting this sorted in 2019 and our team are already working on it!


Has anyone tried Yolt Pay to unitiate bank transfers from within the Yolt app?

I don’t have an account with any of the banks that are supported so far


Ooh, first spot of PISP (payment initiation service provider) open banking functionality in the wild!