Yolt currently have over 100,000 active users as at 8 Dec 2017 (source: Yolt email to users)

(Andy) #22

Starling bank has now integrated with Yolt. Starling always seems to be 2 or 3 steps ahead. It’s not a criticism as I’m sure there’s a suitable roadmap for legitimate reasons but it’s a shame that Starling seem to take the glory more often.

I rely on Yolt so heavily that I would definitely consider switching to Starling, as my digital bank.



I use yolt for credit cards but haven’t yet given them access to any banking data.

This is interesting though - I assume they can be given read onlky access to Starling through the API?


Anyone else getting ‘server not available, please try later’ when accessing yolt?

(Dan) #25

Working for me mate… :thinking:


Thanks, have contacted them

(Darryl Fleming) #27

Would definitely be keen for some Yolt integration!

(Tom Warren) #28

Yolt has revived an update where you can submit suggestions for future integrations from a preprouated list. Monzo features! :tada::slight_smile:


I love it! It helped me spot a few transactions that seemed unusual, I was able to chase those up and get them refunded so I’m happy. I would say the budgeting side of things could do with a little work but tracking wise it’s great. Also love that I can recategorise things so you know it’s all accurate based on you personally.

(Dan) #30

I am currently testing Monzo integration for Yolt… it needs a bit more work yet as it doesn’t take into account Pots at all… they are working on it and should be out for everyone soon :slight_smile:


Emma does however handle Monzo Pots and Starling Goals, which is why I think it is currently more useful than Yolt and presents your overall financial position much clearer as a result.

(Adam) #32

I like Yolt! Struggled with other monitoring app, but managed to integrate my main account

(Dan) #33

I also like Emma and how you can change a CA to a savings account… however Emma doesn’t support 2 of my accounts at the moment… once it does that will be great.


same here, one of my UK banks is not supported, nor any of my overseas accounts. I hope they add pan-European support at some point.


Yeah, I’d like N26 and a few others. Then I want a transaction feed similar to yolt.

But I have high hopes for Emma.

(Christopher Tilley ) #36

I’m using Yolt, Moneyhub & Emma.
I prefer Emma’s UI and overall experience but it has very limited number of providers.
Yolt and Moneyhub have more providers but don’t yet have Monzo. Of the two, I think that Moneyhub is the better app.

(Stu Hodgson) #37

Yolt is now running with Monzo. I’ve been using it for few days it seems to run quite well. The integration is through the API to so no login details passed.

What is interesting the data is is able to access. I have a pending refund due from Amazon AWS which doesn’t show in the Monzo app but when I login to Yolt, its there was all the data for the pending transaction.

As a couple of others mentioned, no pot data yet however I don’t see that as a major issue at the moment. Monzo pots will undoubtedly have more development in the future so I’m sure that will come.


You will find however that Emma have already integrated Pots into their app.


I use Money Dashboard currently but I am impressed with how quickly Yolt is supporting the new open banking API’s.

One feature on MD I use a lot is ‘Offline source’ for tracking money in unsupported banks and other places. If Yolt added that I think I would definitely switch over.

(Morty) #40

Anyone else having issues with the way that Yolt is synching with Monzo? Specifically around Joint Accounts I suppose.

It’s recognised that I now have a joint account with Monzo but the value of that account is actually the value of a savings pot in my personal account. (although in little grey letters underneath it says Updated just now: £0.00 - so why’s that not the main number then?)