Yatta App

I’ve just seen this, it screamed Scam at me from the get-go, I mean you “buy” a lottery ticket by saving money

I can see why you would think it might be a scam without even playing the video.


I did actually watch the whole thing, but yes, essentially it’s now a gambling site and they’re holding people’s money

But yes, the thumbnail is clickbait, got me to watch

They aren’t holding the money btw, the broker (synapse in this case) that connects fintech to banks (evolve bank) is holding the money. Technically yatta (despite is turning into the thing it didn’t want to be) isn’t the company at fault.

It’s more aimed at the fact YouTubers promoted a banking, well savings, app which in my eyes they shouldn’t ever promote a financial product. This being said I’m not including budget apps and that lot. Go back to being sponsored by nordVPN

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Fair enough and thank you for moving it :slight_smile:

It’s all good :slight_smile: still think Yatta is so bad, imagine flipping to the thing you went out to destroy

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Yatta or Yotta?


Shatta :poop:

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