XBOX Series X

I agree, I’m not tribal about consoles, although over the course of history I’ve found the PlayStation to be my favourite. I’ll keep my options open on this one, but if there’s not much between the two, I’ll default to the PS5. It’s not just the exclusive studios that give PlayStation the edge for me, it’s the ‘in-house’ exclusive titles like God of War and Spider-Man on the PS4. Infinitely better than Microsoft wheeling out another microstransaction addled grindfest Gears of War game. That said, Microsoft are ahead of the game on streaming, and their much more open stance to cross-platform gaming is of interest.

Ultimately though it’ll be a group decision as I have a close-knit group of friends that I play a lot of online games with, and it’s likely we’ll default to PS5 for simplicity.

EDIT: Also, I’m really not sure what Microsoft are playing at with that design… More casual gamers aren’t going to buy something that doesn’t fit in their living room furniture, all of which is designed to house flat, horizontal technology. I predict within 2 years there will be an additional alternative design launched. Probably called something daft like the XBox Series X Series Y Box

I could not agree more, that’s my only issue with what I have seen with the Series X so far, WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT IT!?!?!? ARGHHHHHH

This will be the first time I won’t buy a console, mostly stuck to Xbox but when the last generation of consoles switched to x86 architecture it meant we stopped getting crap console ports.

I only ever bought one game for the XBO, it just became a blu ray player can’t see the series x being anything else to me either.

Well since this thread isn’t as alive as the PS5, let me revive it

Anyone planning on getting the console?

Also, what do folk here make of Xbox removing the 12-month Gold subscription? Might we see free multiplayer?

With the announcement that xCloud will be a free addition for gamepass ultimate subscribers, I’m less certain I’ll be upgrading this time around. Depends entirely on how good xCloud will be, and if game purchases outside of what’s available on gamepass will be supported too. So I’m waiting until September and then we’ll see.

Not sure if we’ll get free multiplayer, or if they’ll just bundle live into both tiers of gamepass. Regular gamepass is around the same price, and I think Microsoft will want to usher as many people onto it as possible to increase the appeal and prospect both to users and third party developers. We’re so close to the Netflix of games right now.

It’s safe to say, I’m more excited for the next generation of Xbox than of playstation. But I also may be a little biased. I prefer Microsoft’s first party stuff, and for me, I’m always gonna stick to wherever i can get the next Halo instalment. If got an xbox one because it was the only place I could play both Halo 5 and Destiny. I’m also a big fan of Rare; I love sea of thieves and I’m pretty excited for their next open world online adventure game.

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You can lie it horizontal! Has been confirmed to work fine.

Absolutely, but probably not until next summer sadly.

While I’ll be sad to be behind, won’t miss out on Halo or most things by the looks of it as all still supporting Xbox one, and will hopefully be able to get some deals/bundles by then :crossed_fingers:

Has this definitely been announced? Is this the xCloud that’s Stadia-like? I haven’t been following gaming stuff since work got crazy. I’d definitely be happier with a Stadia but for any game

That wouldn’t be so bad either. I’ve been thinking about Gamepass but didn’t get it yet as I didn’t want to pay for two services (I’m trying to cut down on spending, or rather spend it on a new lot of Apple stuff instead as most of my IT is ageing – different thread)

Although PlayStation has some exclusives and exclusive DLC for games I love, I just can’t get myself to get one. The UI on Xbox is just so much better and their controllers are superior in every possible way

I’m hoping that all big releases will continue to support the One X at least because I’m trying to use it until it dies. Two things can get me to upgrade: a new Hitman or GTA not supporting it

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Game pass for me has been incredible value. I’m so behind on new releases that by the time I’m ready to play something, it seems to be on game pass honestly more often than not.

I rarely pay for games anymore, and had built up so much live by only buying when half price on Amazon that when I converted to game pass ultimate I had it until 2021 some time. I recently bought 6 months of ultimate in a similar half price deal to take me to December 2021 and plan to just top up every now and then when it’s on sale :woman_shrugging:t2:

Certainly sounds positive from everything I’ve seen from major studios so far. I’m on an S so fairly happy with how long I’ve had it already.

I loved TLOU/TLOU2 - I may get a PS4 & Series X - tbh I have an xbone and a PS4 and barely use either - apart from their exclusive games, as a PC gamer if the new fable comes to PC as well, there’s no reason for me to get the series X

I can’t play as much as I’d like to nowadays. I find myself buying full price when a game I’m interested in comes out, otherwise I just pick games up for £5 when they’re on sale.

It might be better to pay for Game Pass, but I hate to see monthly payments leave my account - and I never see it on offer!

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It has, launches in September for game pass ultimate subscribers. It will be available as a stand-alone service later, but no announcement on that yet. You can read about it on the verge.

This is the main reason i subscribe to game pass ultimate. I think it’s pretty good value for what you get. You can often buy 12 month codes online for about £80, which is fantastic value imo.

I must admit, destiny and watch dogs getting exclusive content with PS4 made the decision hard for me with that gen, but ultimately PS4 didn’t have Halo, and I didn’t really want to own both consoles. PlayStations’ exclusive first party games have never really appealed to me either like Xbox’s have. Horizon zero dawn looked good though.

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I don’t see it too often but snatch it up whenever it is. Will be sure to post on here next time I do if I can remember :call_me_hand:

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oh yh i know that, i mean more about the size, if you lay it down its quite a lot higher compared to my One S and It wont fit in my tv unit

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Ah fair enough. Yeah, you’re right it is still a fairly big size difference.

Am luckily moving flat soon and will be buying my new TV unit with that v much in mind

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Xbox Games Showcase is about to begin (at 5pm). Some new Halo Infinite footage will be shown among other xbox exclusives.

Who else will be watching?

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So much I’m excited for.

Definitely intrigued and need to see more but first thoughts on grappling hook and more expansive environment in Halo are great :partying_face:

Fable, Everwild, Avowed, Grounded all looking very cool.

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Fable was a nice and unexpected surprised. I heard a few years ago that playground games were developing a new open world game outside of the forza horizon franchise, I never suspected it would be Fable!

Everwild looks brilliant too. Really excited for that one. Halo looked and played very much like Halo so that’s good. No online was shown, but I’d personally like to see a return to the halo 4 style of online play. I wasn’t keen on Halo 5’s multiplayer.

The Destiny announcement was a very nice surprise too (Bungie has gone home!) and for me, a big deal. I had the new expansion pre-ordered, but that will be coming to Gamepass too! I’m tempted to cancel my pre order as I subscribe to gamepass, but my concern is, them being a third party means there is no guarantee it will stick around forever, though I hope it does. They’re the first big third party (that I’m aware of) to be launching a new game synchronously on gamepass with Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

There’s so much here I’m excited for, and I love that it will be available via gamepass and xcloud at no additional cost, and will play on the current gen hardware too. But that also means I’m not too excited or eager for the new console.

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