XBOX Series X

Still awaiting an invite here too. I can then assess if it’ll justify killing my Stadia Pro subscription.

Tom [cough] gets all the perks. New Pot tabs, Xbox cloud gaming, killer Gmail address…


So am I assuming right that you’re an Xbox owner and a stadia subscriber at the mo?

If so, what’s been your stadia use case/experience?

Don’t know anyone personally with stadia and have always been interested to know how/why people are using it.

I use it because I’m a very casual gamer.

By that I mean I love getting stuck into a game and being totally absorbed by it, but I only play games very occasionally.
As such I just can’t justify spending money on consoles or a gaming PC. I don’t even own my own computer.
Stadia allows me to just buy the game without the upfront costs of entry. I also travel with work and all I need to play is my shitty work laptop.
After initially trialling it on my work laptop I then bought a premier bundle (Chromecast ultra & stadia controller) and it’s the perfect set up for me. I use the Chromecast daily for streaming so it’s not a cost I attribute solely to Stadia.

Sure it could do with more mainstream games but it’s getting there. In the grand scheme of things it’s still early days for Stadia, but if for whatever reason it doesn’t succeed I feel like I’ve already had enough value for what I’ve paid.


Stadia is incredible and if Fortnite was on the platform, I’d have probably ditched Xbox.
But these pesky kids like their Fortnite.

The best thing about Stadia is just where you can play it (anywhere with the right devices) I have 3 Chromecast Ultra’s, 3x laptops and 4 phones in the house - all of which can play Stadia. With Founders Edition Blue and a Pro White controllers, we can walk into a room, press the Stadia button on the controller, the TV switches on and shows the 4-digit to type in, then you login to Stadia with your user profile and off you go. You can do the same with a laptop and phones too - all you need is a fair WiFi connection between the controller and the TV/device on the same network and it just works.

I did find the 4K to be laggy though and dropped to 1080. Probably caused by using WiFi with everything. So I Ethernetted the TV & CCU in the ‘big screen’ room and it works brilliantly. Cyberpunk is stunning. Destiny 2 is also stunning. But Minecraft and Fortnite keep the Xbox running in this house so far.

The usability is a big plus. And lack of hardware/cost needed up-front. This is less of an argument if you’ve already bought the console hardware, but still an argument.

In the end, it’ll be access to the games wanted to be played most which will be the decider.



Yeah this was the main reason I was interested in your use, as it sounded like you already had an Xbox.

All interesting! I can imagine it’s pretty incredible to just pick up a controller and play wherever you are at home.

I guess that’s what I’m excited for about xcloud, just to be able to use my iPad/laptop/phone to play wherever I am.

I suppose probably not much opportunity over this past year but have you played out and about on a mobile connection?

Also :joy: to this.

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I’ve tried it in the garden and it while walking the dog last summer - just to see if it worked. Although I don’t (yet) have a claw and you must connect the controller to the phone via USB cable (Come on Google - enable Bluetooth :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:), so I got some strange looks from nearby people by standing next to a wall with the phone propped up on top and me watching it with a gaming controller in hand. Must have seemed very strange.


Such weird behaviour in 2021 :mask: same as Nintendo not allowing Bluetooth headphones on the Switch i suppose.

Haha love this. Great dedication to testing!


This drove me bonkers when I had a Switch. Just completely ridiculous.


They’re being sent by email too, my invite first came via email on the 24th April




Wow. Phone just got boiling hot from a few minutes of testing Gears 5 :grimacing:

iPhone XS so a few years old ofc. Probs gonna be more of an iPad thing anyway.

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Kind of surprising as it’s effecitvely just streaming video.

Yeah I didn’t expect it!

But it really just burnt up. Haven’t noticed it doing so whilst doing anything else recently, from games to films etc.

Pretty good update for Xbox this month!


Would be nice if I could get a Series X to install it on!

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The S seems relatively to find every so often. The X and the PS5 are like :unicorn: :poop:.


When I went into a physical game the other day, the person I spoke to told me they had recently been restocked and had Xes in most of their shops. So might be worth a shot if you’re able to go to a game!

Could be worth a punt then! Cheers for the tip

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