Xbox One Owners

(Simmy) #1

I currently have a 360 and used to play crash bandicoot, portal and half life.
Just saw " Forza Horizon 4 " on Youtube and it looks ridiculously realistic and fun.

May get a second hand Xbox One from CEX when it comes out on October 2nd 2018( if anything goes wrong they are good with returns )

Anybody else seen or interested in this game

(Andy) #2

I’m really looking forward to Forza Horizon 4 and cruising the streets of Edinburgh on it!

(Simmy) #3

Are they real roads ?

(Andy) #4

Yeah it’s a chunk of Scotland, Lake District, Cotswolds and Welsh mountains. From the trailers Edinburgh princes street looked very accurate, complete with tram tracks and glenfinnan viaduct was in it as well which is in the highlands and used on Harry Potter movies

(Simmy) #5

awesome, it comes out on 2nd october right ? Will have to get an Xbox one then

(Andy) #6

Yeah believe it’s out then mate

Ultimate edition is out on 28/09. Standard is 02/10

(Uatu) #7

Love Portal @Venomx

Have some cake. :cake:

(Andre Borie) #8


(Nick Slade) #9

I’ve never played Forza… I love driving games but every one I’ve played is missing something. Would be keen to hear feedback in October! :oncoming_automobile:

(Jack) #10

PS4 for life :wink:

(Nick Slade) #11

Here here!


Forza Horizon 3 was awesome, really looking forward to number 4!

(Nick Slade) #13

Did you play any other games like this? I have DiRT4 and would love to know how it compares?

(Ryan Kirk) #14

Deffo looking forward to Forza here too!!