WWDC 2021 Discussion

PB2 seems to be a new build as I had DB2 and it asked me to update again. PB1 is missing, as above

19A5281j, same as @JayJayWM shows above.

Although it’s showing as same build number as DB2 for me (dev on iPad, PB on iPhone) @ndrw.

Odd… it doesn’t normally tell you to update if it’s the same build number but it did this time. Maybe it’s just one of those things

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Ah, that might be why I was asked to update from DB2 to PB2 even though @Alexxxxx’s build numbers match

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Yeah that sounds likely! And yeah I updated my iPad to the new DB2 as well this morning…so possible that DB2 v1 had a different number.

Ahhh thanks. I downloaded the public beta profile but forgot to install it :man_facepalming:t3:

I had the dev profile on and was wondering why it wasn’t giving me an update. Just me being a biff.

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It did. Last week’s was 19A5281h, last night’s was 19A5281j

So whatever changes are in it are very very minor

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This is the only way, with minor edits, to create a well-functioning program. Global fixes and changes lead to a lot of bugs.

Beep-boop, I agree, fellow human.