WWDC 2021 Discussion

Its okay if epic gets there way there will be a google store on ios which will have no rules and snoop on everything as well as being the only way to get google apps.

Just a though re the indian sub stuff, its trivially easy for google to see this and ban all google accounts if they so desired including any associated together which is a big risk.

It’s a risk if you use Google stuff I suppose, I only use YouTube so I’m not concerned.

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Do you really think that Google would make you jump through the hoops of an alternate store to distribute their free apps?

They don’t even need their own store to spy on you as Apple is all good with first party tracking as that’s the cover they use for their own data collecting purposes.

I very much do and should probably reconsider my Indian sub. I am on the lookout for alternate services but Google’s are just so damn good.

I hope they wouldnt but I wouldnt doubt them doing it, its literally the main way they make money, I would hope a shark wouldnt eat me if I started bleeding but damn its their primary instinct and there is SO many examples of how they prowl I wouldnt expect less.
You want Gmail access, get Google iOS store, they nerfed realtime email access unless you use the gmail/api directly already so its not like they are not afraid of it.
I think its a bit naive to expect less tbh, google have hardly been a beacon of privacy rights for the last decade which is primarily why I bought an iPhone. Google nerfed Windows Phone (brower) access to google maps not because of a technical reason it was a competition reason, why would you expect them to behave better? but this is probably something for the other thread but people dont remember or have not been through the tech mill like I have to realise what comes next.
I do enjoy debating with you ravi though even though we may be adversarial at times :smiley:

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Feels like you read my first para and skipped the second.

My point being, they don’t need their own App Store to track you. Apple are happy for Google to track everything that goes on in their own apps and take their money to keep the search default.

Forcing their own App Store would more than likely lead to a decrease in data gathering compared to the status quo.

Public betas of iOS 15 out. Here we gooooooo iOS 15 on my phone :upside_down_face:


It’s early. Enjoy!

Before folks start upgrading, make sure your banking apps work!

TL;DR Most work, but proceed with caution if you’re a customer of any bank under the HSBC umbrella, use Vanquis, or rely on bank authentication apps.

A lot of VPN apps aren’t working either. Besides that, should be fairly smooth sailing.

Yeah they said July right? Not gonna complain :smiley: performance has been great on my iPad from beta 1, so very happy to go for it with PBs now on the phone.

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I’ll probably put it on my iPad to play with the new multitasking but not in a rush for anything on the iPhone.

What’s the build number of the public beta for the iPhone?

PB2 seems to be a new build as I had DB2 and it asked me to update again. PB1 is missing, as above

19A5281j, same as @JayJayWM shows above.

Although it’s showing as same build number as DB2 for me (dev on iPad, PB on iPhone) @ndrw.

Odd… it doesn’t normally tell you to update if it’s the same build number but it did this time. Maybe it’s just one of those things

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Ah, that might be why I was asked to update from DB2 to PB2 even though @Alexxxxx’s build numbers match

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Yeah that sounds likely! And yeah I updated my iPad to the new DB2 as well this morning…so possible that DB2 v1 had a different number.

Ahhh thanks. I downloaded the public beta profile but forgot to install it :man_facepalming:t3:

I had the dev profile on and was wondering why it wasn’t giving me an update. Just me being a biff.

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It did. Last week’s was 19A5281h, last night’s was 19A5281j

So whatever changes are in it are very very minor

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This is the only way, with minor edits, to create a well-functioning program. Global fixes and changes lead to a lot of bugs.

Beep-boop, I agree, fellow human.