World Mental Health Day

Been a bit topic at home over recent days has mental health. I’m a mental health first aider.

I think that society today has lost mental robustness, my h of this is down to the fact that we don’t interact properly. We speak to each other on our phones using messages, as humans we are essentially pack animals and need real and physical interaction with other members of our species, this interaction builds air mental resilience as we have to deal with different emotions more readily to deal with different situations. E.g. if someone says something we don’t like or agree with on social media we a can turn it off. In the real world we have to gauge an appropriate reaction there and then, if test reaction is incorrect we learn for next time making us stronger in the long run.

Watching the news tonight there was 2 veterans of Dday and ahrnem who’s me in concern was seeing each other as mates and having a drink and a chat, these men probably have demons but they talk and socialise and I imagine never in their lives moaned or complained that their mental health was stopping them go on with their day to day buisness.

Have we by accident created a nation of weaker minded individuals imo we have done.

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Just to note I’ve had mental health issues in the past that I got over by just talking to mates about the Experience a that caused them. Face to face interaction with real people is very important.

I don’t think that solves a chemical imbalance in the brain

I find that very insulting, my mind isn’t weak, it’s just very fucked up and it started long before the invention of social media and mobile phones


I think we’ve just gotten to a point where people are way less afraid to speak about their mental health struggles and as such, we hear about them more! Which is absolutely a good thing, being able to be open and ask for help is awesome :raised_hands:

I think we should avoid the idea that this is a weakness though :woman_shrugging:


Gonna have to add another disagreeing voice.

I’m 46 years old. I grew up without social media. I have mental health issues. They stem from before the internet was anything more than a local network run by the US military.

I’m glad you got over your issues by talking to mates, but not everyone has access to that (for many reasons), nor is it always a cause of ‘just talking’ as a cure.

I agree with @EllieC that we are HEARING about these things more, it is much more visible these days which is no doubt partly down to the good role social media can play in raising awareness.

I do agree that getting out into the real world, talking to people, and interacting with the world is a good thing. But that doesn’t always have to involve people (and again, for some people, can’t).

FYI @Jimmyb878 - not having a go at you. Mental Health is so wide ranging and subtle in how it appears and can be handled. I know you were positing a question rather than making a statement.


I agree that the digital age has had a detrimental effect to human connections, its had its positives though in expanding knowledge. It’s not about being weak minded though, or something that just affects the current generation Z.

Since the beginning of existence we have all had mental health issues, it’s only now we are really starting to recognise and learn how to help the mind. It’s the same with medicine in general, we learn how the body works, we find solutions.

Things like anxiety and depression are part of being human, the same as love and anger. It’s all about how you deal with the thoughts and feelings, letting them come and go naturally, and not getting too focused or trying to get rid of them.

Luckily some of us are in the position to do something to improve our lives but most of the World isn’t as fortunate. People have just suffered and carried the weight and had a shit life. It’s not about being strong/weak minded. Mental Health affects everybody just in different amounts and at different time of their lives it can be more challenging.

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I have to admit that a few years ago I had absolutely no understanding of mental health at all. A close family member told me she was depressed and I could not understand it. She had a roof over her head, good food, clothes, make-up and all these lovely material things that that she wanted.

This video helped me to understand so much more. Highly recommend, even if you do have an understanding of mental health and how it affects our day to day lives.

I’m not saying that people with a genuine long lasting problem need to just go and talk to people, however what happens now is people are very quick to jump on the mental health band wagon because something is difficult or they don’t like something, it happens more and more frequently these days when actually people are just having a testing time, that’s life I’m afraid it’s not supposed to be easy all the time.

Like I said I suffered with pretty bad PTSD so I feel I can say their are many more people out there milking it than there once was just because they have a tough exam or a bad day.

I recently learnt its been coined Sadfishing.

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Perhaps. But I’m never comfortable with sentences like “their (sic) are many more people out there milking it than there once was” because that immediately puts the people who are genuinely suffering in a place where they don’t want to say anything because they are being shamed as ‘milking it’.

I think how everyone talks about Mental Health is as important as having care options for those who need it, and any language that blocks that or belittles anyone who is suffering, is negative and needs to be challenged.

Also how do you decide who is REALLY suffering or not? My mental health is good but I have bad days, is my bad day worse than yours? Or is my bad day better than yours because I have a job, a roof over my head, etc.?

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Like I said I’m a mental health first aider now. I get a lot of people coming to me after a bolloking at work or if something unpleasant is coming up looking to claim their mental health is suffering as a result 9 times out of 10 it is just the person trying to weasel out of what has happened or about to happen. I then have to signpost them to various services. Medical chain in my line of work is most common. They that decide their is nothing wrong but the med chain is wasting their time on them and not genuine people. Mental health is becoming the new bad back it seems to me.
Those genuine people now suffer more due to those that use it as an excuse.

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Alas there will always be those who use such things for their own advantage.

It seems much more common place these days especially over the last 5 years

As a mental health first-aider, you sound to be from the “snap out of it” school.

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Not at all I am from the don’t bull shit me school though.

I don’t like people who lie especially if it effects genuine people getting the care they need.

Too many are quick to give up blaming their mental health when if they persevered and pushed through they would be much stronger at the end. Life is hard sometimes if anything it’s meant to test us.

Ok. Out of interest, would you mind saying what sector you’re in?

I’m in the forces.

How do you know they are lying? Do they admit to it?

They are normally found out as liers in the end, all liers are eventually

Not really what I asked, but ok. Interesting.