Working from Home

There’s upsides and downsides to both, and the article is very slanted towards WFH being some awful thing (as are all of the press of that ilk, I mean, the Daily Wail has articles frequently demeaning the practice).

However, there is something to be said about the social aspect of the office; it’ll be different for everyone but it’s nice to be able to grab lunch with your colleagues or sit together/go to a desk/meeting room to hammer out a problem rather than spending ages on video calls/slack/emails.

I also find that video calls are overused (do you really need to be on camera all of the time, I find it is tiring) and some people are never time sensitive and things to tend to get dragged out, when an in-room meeting would at least have a break. A phone call or email would do.

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Indeed, a lot of papers do follow the line of something like “everyone should go back to the office, Slackers!”

This will always be a subjective conversation, driven either by economy, building own-age, trust, personal preference et al.

For me while I’m fully remote, I can understand how this won’t work for everyone. Equally, I’d actually like to go back to Hybrid, as it is getting a little claustrophobic having work and home being the same after five years of doing it. But I want a choice, not a forced one.

Being someone who does a lot of calls - I much prefer video. You can see them, it feels more real. But, I definitely agree on the part around time. I think the ability to not have to move and jump between calls has driven a bad behaviour here. Thankfully our company advocates for 50/20 min calls so you always have 5 at each side to relax, leg stretch etc.

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Walked past the old Monzo HQ earlier - it’s looking a bit sad…

Wonder how many people work from the office at the new place.


So the :poop: officially hit the fan today!

Our Head of People threw his toys out of the pram as compliance with the RTO policy has been really poor.

Swipe cards will be monitored going forward and he was very clear to stress that non-compliance will lead to disciplinary action and dismissal.

He literally used words along the lines of “I don’t want to do this but you’re making me…”.

Still feel like this is such a stupid hill to die on. I manage to get in one to two days a week, but it really generally is just for the sake of being in and working at a much worse desk setup than I have at home :man_shrugging:.


Well that sentiment couldn’t be more incorrect :joy:

Same happened to us and they now log us as being in the office when we are connected to the LAN and not remotely via the VPN :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

And I sit on the same Teams calls in the office that I do at home

I must be getting old. What is a ‘head of people’? lol. Is that the new name for HR?


I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly new term, it’s probably been in use for over 20 years now. But yes it’s just another term for HR.

A year ago my employer went through the same process and very suddenly introduced enforcement of a policy to work from the office 3 days a week. We had to submit a form for approval with your line manager and HR partner indicating which 2 days you would work from home. It’s monitored through swipe access and in-office wifi connections. There is monthly reporting sent to all directors to highlight office attendance for their teams.

Roughly 12 months on now, around 40% off the office is adhering to the policy and not a single action has been taken against the other 60%.

Power to the people.


Work for an American bank. There’s now a portion of our bonus that’s related to office attendance. People love to hate on the Americans, but there are reasons why their economy is booming.

Definitely everything to do with office attendance and nothing to do with any other economic factors.


I’d happily waive my bonus to just WFH full time.


Our bonuses are usually more than salary, so you kind of think of them like salary

Yeah… reckless monetary policy

If you knew, why did you ask…

Wow, you sound loaded.

I’d go in more often to double my salary. Final offer.


1 working day every two weeks in the office. Seems to be working well. We don’t have a dedicated space anymore for our team so its perfect really.

Those working days are already considered a write off in terms of productivity. We just do main team meetings on that day.

Nope - but it’s performance based. Well, it was, until they threw in the office element. Which they think has an impact on performance. I suspect they will be proved right in the long term.