Working from Home

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Fortunately businesses aren’t operating to how you think at least. It’s much cheaper for them to continue letting us WFH. It’s better for the majority of staff, those who want to go in and be the office gossip can still go, they’ll just have less opportunities around the water cooler.

Shops will survive they can offer delivery of sandwiches, they can repurpose how they operate, they can even relocate to the suburbs where the customers are and leave the expensive town centre rents behind.

Not having to get on an expensive bus is the best bit. I make the mistake of getting one a few weeks back as it was been lazy £2 to get to town. It takes me 12 minutes to walk down. Won’t be making that mistake again. For larger families it’s actually cheaper to jump in a taxi and more convenient around here.


I’ve been remote since 2016 so I have remained at the same place of work the whole time :raised_hands:

Actually that’s not true… I moved to a new apartment :sweat_smile:


We’re now back in office 1-2 days a week… and it’s fine.

Def up and down sides. I think this study sums it up.

Working at home (especially in the evenings) is huge for my personal productivity. But for collaborating easily and quickly with my team and others the office has its benefits.

The issue is managing your workload well so that you can get the best of both, i.e. meetings in the office and “proper” work at home.

And no matter how much we hate it, there’s nothing like interacting in person with the higher ups so they know you still exist and are all over things.


I think this highlights a problem with the current workplace. You separated meetings and “proper” work, which suggests maybe those meetings aren’t useful?

I’ve been fully remote since 2018 and as I keep reminding folk, there’s a huge difference between a company making that choice and building a culture around remote working, and businesses being forced to and cobbling together something that works.

I have a pretty good relationship with my team, and find the time to check in with those I work alongside to make sure we don’t all drift apart. Our CEO does the rounds and finds time to have a catch up every month.

But remote working never works well if the teams, people, and leaders aren’t willing to change big chunks of their usual working paradigms.


I’m not a fan of meeting but they definitely can be useful. I was just distinguishing between meetings and time spent alone producing outputs (reports / models / decks etc).

I’m a big fan of working remotely and we’ve made it work well over the last 18 months in teams where a lot of us have never met IRL.

But there’s still a big difference when you’re physically working together. It’s all the small conversations and interactions you end up having that would just never happen WFH.

Agreed. We’re still in the infancy of WFH and it’s going to take a long time to get it right. Especially in hybrid workplaces where it’s even harder to balance both.


We manage in our place perfectly well with this, fire off a group message with random thoughts and people chip in. It’s no different to been in an actual office, we’re still getting the same interactions just not in person.

Our team is scattered across the country, I don’t work with anyone from my own team in my location, so WFH makes no difference. In fact it’s pretty rare for anyone within our entire department (200 odd people} to even have someone else working in the same office as them.


I’m a huge advocate of WFH but I really don’t think info flows as well at home, certainly not for us.

Not the big things, they go out as usual and probably made sure more people are included. But the little things that are off-hand comments almost, they get missed.


There’s nothing stopping people staying connected on a call and working away.

We sometimes do this on Friday afternoons as part of some wellbeing thing.


That probably comes down to people’s newness as such to WFH. As we’ve been doing it so long, it just becomes 2nd nature for a text chat to just have random work outbursts.


We have so many channels for various projects and teams so it’s dead easy to type in a question or idea and get lots of responses.

In the office I’d not be able to round everyone up and ask them. That would be a huge waste of time.

We even have a NSFW channel :speak_no_evil:

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Um… is that appropriate?

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Hopefully it’s a work-safe NSFW channel, otherwise the company might find itself walking into an HR nightmare…


It’s not as extreme as it sounds :sweat_smile: It’s more of an off topic channel where we share memes and talk about random non-work related things.

Nothing X rated, offensive or anything like that :laughing: It’s should probably be named office chit chat or something.


Ordog realises what he said and attempts a Dan style retraction

“When I say not safe for work I mean it’s totally safe for work. We talk about fluffy kittens and the good charitable deeds we have done”

Nailed it


Haha pretty much. I never really thought about the name until now :rofl:

It’s more because you should really be working not posting memes or sharing a link to a 1KG bag of pick n mix you’re tempted to buy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Nobody believes you now :joy:


I guess we just see things differently. I love WFH and am a huge advocate. To the point that I’m an official Slack Champion, trying to get people used to communicating and working differently.

But I still don’t believe that a group chat is “no different” to physical person to person communication. It can be very effective for work, but there’s still something lost from a human connection POV (IMHO).


This is a good read, also shows that reduced budgets have ensured that office space has also been reduced, to the point that the full workforce couldn’t come in, even if they all wanted to.

With the exception of DVLA the majority of other government departments have managed to carry on working productivity. Unfortunately for DVLA, it’s too heavily reliant on that one key building in Wales.

On a different note, I still haven’t got around to purchasing a new desk yet 🤦 still wanting a sit / stand one but not really found anything I like the look of. Going to have to do some more research, every man and his dog seems to have popped up this year with desks for sale.