Wont logout even if I turn phone off and back on

Wont logout even if I turn phone off and back on
Details to reproduce:
Samsung s8 fully updated
Android 10
Samsung s8
App Version:
Latest one few days ago


Why are you trying to log out?

Did you press the log out button?

When I close app down it automatically logs off but since last update it wont when I click on app it’s still open so anyone who can access my phone can go straight in and do anything

Have you checked the settings to see if it still requires fingerprint or PIN? I guess that’s what you mean.

That’s locking the app, not logging out. If you log out you need to get a magic link email to log back in

They can’t move money out of your account without your PIN even if they did manage to get by your phones Lock Screen


+can’t ?

Though OP should be fine once they’ve turned the setting for biometrics back on.

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Thanks. Was eating Swiss roll at the same time :grin:


OMG last update it turned off the biometric lol
Thanks guys for helping
I now feel thick lol