Withdrawal for rent

I have been living with mum for past few months as I have had a few health issues.
Just found a single room.
They need 650 for me to sign a contract. I get universal credit on Monday. If I withdraw 400 on Monday and 250 on Tuesday to pay rent upfront., will that trigger anything and block my monzo account… I don’t want my account getting blocked just because I need to pay rent

:wink: You will be fine



Is it normal to pay rent in cash?

I was only asking as I never withdrawn more than 20 or 30 ponds, as I don’t like carrying cash. But I can’t get a contract with me paying them cash. And when they give me a contract I can upload it to universal credit so they can add the element for me

Apparently if its Bank transfer I have to pay 40 pounds more as the tax man gets involved or something along those line…

Sounds dodgy :grimacing: I only asked as I’ve never paid rent and assumed it would be a standing order for the length of your contract :man_shrugging:

Surely you’re going to get a reciept of some sort as proof of payment as that’s a lot of money? Therefore I’m not sure how it can be hidden from the tax man :confused:

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Yeha I was told I will be give a recipt… I don’t know a lot about all this… I have never rented before… 1st times
But it was confirmed I will be given a lodger agreement that I can use for universal credit

So does that mean u been living with parents just like me​:joy::joy:

No… No, they don’t - a bank transfer is as good as cash

This is what I was told anyway

I wish! I miss those days of hardly any bills, always loads food in the fridge and someone doing your laundry etc :joy:

I have a mortgage :-1:


Exactly, it will be a shock to my system now

I am a landlord. This arrangement sounds very dodgy. Check out this document (assuming you are in England) https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/821379/6.5707_MHCLG_How_to_Rent_v4.pdf


Yes in London

Are you moving into a room in the same house as your landlord or a room in a building where he or she doesn’t live? I only ask because the law is slightly different for each.

@Curtis84 I’d give this a wide berth if I was you, unless you have some guarantee that it’s 100% legit. This is the type of thing that if it goes wrong it could make your health issues worse. The only thing I can think of which would require someone wanting cash is if this is an illegal sublet


Ohh also there is no deposit… Only rent upfront

Yes, landlord in one room, myself in one room and another tenant

But they are still giving me contract for universal credit and recipt for every payment

I agree it sounds a bit suspect.

Have you had chance to see the room in person?