Withdraw limit

(Barnaby Cauwood) #1

If I’ve used all my atm withdraw limit. How long will I have to wait until I can withdraw money again?Does it reset every tax year?

(Sy) #2

there are different limits, daily weekly monthly annual or something like that. in your app you should be able to view your limits and see which one reached

(Marta) #3

@Barney1 Those are rolling yearly limits. So first withdrawal will be possible 1 year after you made your first one, to a sum that you took out then. Monthly limits work the same way.

That being said… You’ll get current account probably sooner than your ATM yearly limit rolls over. :wink: I don’t think I had seen any info about carrying over used limits to current account though, but CA will have definitely higher limits, so it would a solution itself. :slight_smile: And before you jump on Current Account Preview bandwagon, Preview accounts do only support GBP transaction in this round of testing.

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