Wise "plastic coupons"

In my latest holiday abroad, I noticed that my first two payments with my Wise card (where automatic currency conversion took place) were charged no commission, but every subsequent payment was charged as per Wise’s rates.

I asked support, and it took over a week for them to ‘investigate’ and get back to me with this:

Thanks for your patience and we apologize for the delay in replying to your inquiry.

I can see that you got 10 plastic coupons in June, therefore your two card payments involved conversion for free.

And as you run out of those, the next payments had the conversion fee.

I have asked for clarification, but in the meantime, has anyone here heard of Wise “plastic coupons”? What are they and how on earth does one earn them?

I’ve never heard of them and can’t see anything on their website or on google for that matter, although I admit I didn’t search too thoroughly.


I can only guess it might’ve been for new accounts?

Have you used wise before this instance?

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