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4.68% variable on GBP balances is not the highest. You can get 5.2% with Ulster Bank’s Loyalty Saver.

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That is conditional on having over £5000 in the account I think? Not really the same if it has strings attached.

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Cynergy Bank 5.15% includes 1.15 bonus for 12 mths min deposit £1. They all have loopholes etc.

How do I delete those?

Click on the > then Delete.

Do we know if Wise now do the latest card design as shown in the rebrand?

Don’t know. It won’t let me even get into the ordering stage as I’ve green and white already.

I wanted to see if they could be deleted from the Monzo app, they can’t, clicking to go in just does another transfer

I have a Wise account and card with balances of about £200 and €350. I’ve not used it but may use it when I go to Europe shortly. I had a notification come through yesterday for an amount of USD 25 which was taken from my GBP balance. The payment was to some random person on PayPal and was preceeded by another transaction which was just a card check for 0.00. The card never leaves my wallet so how has someone been able to get the card number and other necessary information to do an online transaction? I can only assume it has either been leaked by a Wise employee or they’ve been hacked. Has anyone else had similar or can shed some light on how this can happen? BTW Wise were very quick to reimburse me and they’re sending me a new card. However, they don’t answer my questions asking how this happens. Finally, I’m thinking it’s wise (oops sorry about the pun) to freeze the card until I use it. Would that be a good decision as I’m assuming it won’t cause issues when I unfreeze it when using the physical card or Google Wallet. Thanks in advance.


Card numbers are generated randomly at speed, no leaks, no divulging information, just unfortunate it was your card details.

Order a replacement card, be sure to ask any continuous payment authority removed from the card and claim a fraudulent transaction and see if they refund.

Thanks for the info but tying together the card details, cvv and other credentials necessary seems to be strange that they’d get a direct hit. However, I think the prior card check allowed them to test this and feel Wise should have been alerted to this. What’s your view on the freezing and unfreezing of the card? I’ve not really used this before and was concerned that if my card is frozen long term it could be considered dormant and not be usable at some later stage both physically and via GWallet.

If someone knows the number then freezing it won’t do much when you come to want to use it as they’d be able to as well. If you order a new card you can get a new number and it won’t be an issue.

Block it, replace it, and with the new card there’s no harm freezing it while not in use, just don’t forget to defrost it when you need to use it to save yourself a decline.

If Wise has the option; you can turn off online transactions or similar, so it only works with chip and pin.

I can’t imagine anyone inside Wise can visually see the full detail of the card, maybe card number and expiry/start, but the few banks I’ve worked for staff have never been able to see the CVV.


I only enable the physical card for ATM and chip & PIN. I have a virtual card for gpay so that keeps things separate. Also just keep £1/€1/$1 in the card with the rest in jars until I’m going to be using the money.

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My plastic card has online purchase option off, only a virtual is on for online payments :neutral_face:

Luckily, I didn’t have anything like you just mention :no_mouth:

Most of my £££ & €€€ are also in jars on interest %:white_check_mark:

You can have the main accounts in interest too.

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Yes, noticed it. Not keeping much on main account(s), so it’s clearly separated from what I can spend today my savings :crazy_face::nerd_face:

I receive interest on my GBP and EUR balances. It never seems to actually post the interest amounts they’re just included in the balance. I’m not sure how it works - anyone know?

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It states the interest total returns but doesn’t seem to list the monthly amounts.