Will we see a PS5 in 2020?

Sony have a killer year lined up with Shenmue 3, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding all lined up, but some folks are suggesting that Sony are already winding things down for the PS4 and that there might not be many more major releases planned after that :thinking:

What do you think? And will you get a PS5? I’ve been very impressed with the calibre of what I’ve played on the PS4, so I most likely will.

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I’ve already hit my savings goal for the PS5…

Well so long as it’s £500. To be honest I’m not sure how good a console you can put together for that price at launch anymore.


That is some enviable forward thinking. I need to try and do that…

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Well I thought it could be this year, so my forward thinking was maybe just premature thinking.

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Gives you time to save another £500 to be safe :joy:

They still need to ensure past games for PS4 compatible with PS5


I generally stay loyal to Sony so will probably eventually get a PS5. I don’t tend to buy at launch anymore though. I will only buy consoles to get specific non-PC games.


Loved the PS4, now have the PS4 Pro which os great. I will get the PS5 at launch if I can play PS4 titles on it, if not I won’t get it at launch but will no doubt get it a year or so after.

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I love my ps4 although lately it’s become a Netflix and YouTube watching device.
I’ll definitely get the next gen console. Maybe not right away like I did with the PS4 though.

I’m hoping for backwards compatibility with the PS4 and a stronger game streaming option.

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Just set up my GameCube and my PS2…

I find no reason personally to buy new consoles until at least a year after release. Then there is enough games that would make it worth it or one I would play long enough.

However, I will still probably get it on release day when it comes out :see_no_evil:

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You’ve got a very good point there, especially since there are heaps of games for older generation consoles. GameCube will always be one of my favourites!

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I always wait till they release the slim. Nicer hardware, lower power, cheaper price and a solid library of older, cheaper games too.

Got my PS4 Slim for £199 with an extra controller and Horizon Zero Dawn. Crazy good value and still more than good enough for my needs.

I’m always about a year behind when it comes to consoles, so will wait for the slim too when it comes out.

My call is November 2020. I can see loads of the big hitters being cross generation. But I feel this could be the last generation. Software as a service and streaming is getting so good I think the days of dedicated hardware revisions is numbered.