Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives 💸

Yep that’s TSBs. Applying online via website they make you create the account first, then submit an editable PDF via Adobe Sign service.

My wife had tried the app but it currently has a bug where the onetime passcode wasn’t working, on twitter people had the same issue.

They haven’t got any parity between app and website onboarding. So you don’t need to verify phone number via website. In fact it skipped needing to submit ID too as it matched a profile search.

Yeah you can spin up virtual card(s) that’ll will exist until you hit terminate.

On top of that there’s a single use card that when you use will always generate a new set of numbers for each transaction.

Co-operative Bank Switch and Save (January 2024) Ts&Cs

You can’t switch from Revolut, right? It’s not apart of CASS

Correct, revolut is not part of CASS.


No. Chase has one debit but up to ten current accounts can use It. Coventry Building Society only has a cash card (they used to have debit cards but dropped them a few years ago).

New £175 from Lloyds

Annoyingly the qualifying period is almost four years!

[Unless] you’ve received cash back for switching to Lloyds Bank or Halifax Bank since April 2020


You don’t have to tell me twice.

P.s the song is Acid Junky by DJ Aphrodite if anyone is curious.

Jesus that’s a long time. Clearly trying to stop the serial switchers.

They’ll be people who bypass this of course - think last time a lot of people used a different email/number on sign up (which I don’t see how the records don’t merge as surely they keep the data of previous accounts in the past number of years and connect the dots with the ID verification and such but clearly not…)

I couldn’t identify it from my high level browse of the website, but does anyone know if the Lloyd accounts you have to switch to have a minimum term before you can close it?

I ask as the only eligible new accounts are all monthly paid for ones (granted it’s waived if you transfer in money £2k).


No switch bonus as far as I know, has a minimum time frame to stay, just says paid within 10 days.

There’s no minimum stay so as soon as you get the money you can run.

I think you can get 12 months of Disney+ with it so might be worth claiming that (assume it’s the advert version). Edit: as pointed out below you need to keep with the account open to continue to the full 12

With the £2k you can automate paying in out a smaller amount like £500 four times if that helps.

You get up to 12 months Disney+. It’s a monthly subscription that you get free so if you close the account, it stops.

You need to leave £3 in the account as they charge you then refund it.


Lloyds switch offer webpage and Ts&Cs February 2024

Gotta open a new account not switch in or upgrade a current one.

That’s good to note.

It’s like their cinema vouchers too as they revoke the codes as I found out.

NatWest offering £200 to switch now and a £1250 deposit. No direct debits required.

Can’t have had a bonus with them or any of their sister banks since January 2020 - seems the banks really are putting blocks in place to stop serial switching. Shame


They won’t let me have an account for some reason :melting_face:


I saw what you did with @andrew_fishy in the Leeds branch. They were right to exit you Carl.

But I’ll be hopping over there soon.

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