Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives 💸

I miss the money I got out of this thread!

Clearly all the incentives made me stretch beyond my means as this month I’m in the red… time to return to :earth_africa:

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@ndrw Just had an Ombudsman update to say Coop will be made to pay me £150 for the cockups.


Oooh, nice! I expect I’ll have to wait another month or two sadly given my complaint was put to a case handler at the end of Feb and they say 4 months… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Opening Ulster Bank account
Not got code or account number yet , got the card though :roll_eyes:
The switch is due to complete and still can’t log in lol

Have you been told a switch date or are basing it on the application form pIcking the date?

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There’s a referral codes wiki, it’s usually frowned upon otherwise especially if it’s not really on topic


Well i got my Ulster customer number and switch date by email but no card yet and no activation code or sort code and account number so i can’t login to check anything yet. Very disjointed onboarding experience compared to natwest and rbs who are part of the same group!

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Yeah onboarding is terrible. Got a text about the switching date. But no account number

It seems to be even worse if you live in NI. Earlier this week called into a branch and they said they’d call back in a week or so and after that I’ll have to go in again to get online banking working.

Lloyds switch is planned to complete on 22nd, they paid Switch Incentive on 16th.

I’ll take it :heart_eyes:


Thanks for sharing this - I just got the letter with my sort code and account number and have managed to get set up for online banking and the mobile app now (Still haven’t got the card yet but it has let me set up Google Pay). Now just to wait for the switch to complete.

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Just got a paying in book :joy::joy:


I did yesterday too… theyve also just paid me the £200 switch bonus.


Finally got around to setting this up

Switch finishes 01/06
Already met the app and pay in requirements


How long after the RBS switch completes have people recover confirmation that the bonus is on the way?

I switched into NatWest in March and received the bonus then. So I’m hoping I will get it for RBS now too!

If you got the switch bonus from NatWest then you won’t get one from RBS too.

They will, many have been successful. Not actually heard of anyone be rejected for it.

Wow. Left hand not talking to the right hand then.

Haha yeah pretty much, likely more a deterrent than a fixed rule.

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