Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives 💸

The £200 just landed for me!


£200 has appeared for me too :tada:

Guessing we all switched on the 2nd :slightly_smiling_face:

Presumably you’d have to use different accounts for each of them though? You couldn’t say, go NatWest and CASS into RBS? Or can you…?

Yep you can do one into the next.

I dont qualify but my other half did NatWest > RBS > Ulster for £600. Starting the next cass the day it paid the bribe, taking the £200 out and keeping the min £1250 cassed over to auto qualify on RBS and then Ulster.

Its down to the poorly written terms and conditions using a time period to not qualify rather than since 1st October 2017, and nothing to say it can’t be CASSing from a sister branch.

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that wouldn’t work as you’d need to intercept their post too to sign the form


Awesome - thanks. I wasn’t sure if I could get the bonus from RBS/Ulster too but will definitely add them to list for switching.

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Looks like the Co-Op switch / refer a friend is back :eyes:

Burn it with fire! :mask:


Double-post time! I looked on their website and saw their motto being ‘The Bank you can hold to account’ and laughed given they don’t even properly look into complaints, the customer service agents have the ability to just close a complaint as they wish…

Which reminds me, the FOS still hasn’t provided me with even a preliminary response to my complaint…

The ombudsman has been very good at keeping me up to date on mine.

So far co-op have supplied the wrong evidence and then have taken two months to supply the actual evidence after a twice extended deadline by the Ombudsman.

Last Friday i got a “we have enough to start the investigation” message on their system.

Hm. I wonder if there’s a way for me to chase them? Just like “guys what’s up”

If you sign in to here you can hit reply on their message

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Still nothing from Ulster, this is worse than HSBC…

My Ulster account has been dragging on for a month now lol I feel like I deserve the £200 now

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Anyone had issues with not receiving the activation code for Ulster online banking? My partner still doesn’t have his and the switch has completed.

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If you haven’t received the activation code you can re-register using the account number and sort code instead.

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If you have the letter which has your account/sort you can access it.

You need to go to the following to register.

You can skip the entering debit card btw

After doing that you can then download the app and use the details you setup to access the account.


The £150 from Lloyds appeared today ahead of time. Onto RBS next.

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Applying for RBS switch now.

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I miss this thread :cry:

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