Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives

Done (slightly in haste).

The first post should be a wiki - fill your boots everyone!


Thanks. Have begun. Work in progress.


When switching into FD, can I do it with account number and sort code? Or do I need the card?

My Starling card didn’t arrive for two weeks. Requested another, the next day the first one turns up :roll_eyes: so now I’m waiting on the second card but if I can do it without, I can get the ball rolling.

Nationwide says if you’ve “previously benefitted from this offer”, you won’t get the money. Does that mean if you’ve had a switching bonus before, at any time with no limit, or if you’ve benefitted from this iteration of the switching offer?

Moved £1 into FD to make sure I had the correct digits. Then did £999. Both there instantly.

Did the reverse to put it back into Monzo. £1 there instantly. £999 gone from FD but not appeared in Monzo yet, 2 hours later. Clearly I’ve triggered something :frowning_face:

That is probably seen as suspicious. Test payments and money being put in/taken out just under £1k

Yup! I was just more worried about mistyping and losing the money into the black hole.

I’ll see if it appears of it’s own accord soon, if not I’ll chase it up.


You’ll need to call them. This happened to me on first outbound transfer but smooth since.

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I have just been in heavy debate with Virgin Money customer services because they are refusing to give me the current cashback offer, they are offering me the old switch incentive of 20,000 red points.

My situation is: I opened my new current account on 1st August (when the old offer was running), I didn’t put in a switching application until the 25th (new offer of cashback started on 18th August as per my post above at that time). They are saying I’m bound to whatever offer was running when I opened my account, which of course to me is absolute rubbish. Furthermore, I knew about the offer in my original post because customer service had told me at the time when I was enquiring on the live chat about it (image attached).

I previously held an account with Virgin Money and closed it due to terrible customer service… Think this will be happening again. Should add, my old accounts were closed before 30th April 2022, which is one of their exclusion criteria. The agent has put in a complaint on my behalf and I should hear from them.

Anyone else in a similar situation with the switching offer from Virgin Money, or has anyone claimed the cashback offer with an account opened 1st August - 17th August?

Called and they’ve said it’s being verified, can’t fix it, can’t tell me how long it will take.

FD has been a real shambles. If I actually wanted to use them I’d seriously be reconsidering it now.

Sorry to say it, but I agree with them. The offer will be “open and account and initiate a switch…” which is what you’ve done.

I am not surprised you agree with them :joy:.

The terms and conditions, so far as I can read, do not restrict the offer to accounts opened after the 18th of August. Their offer, like all their offers, is “new customers” and within “45 days of your account opening date”. I’m within 45 days of account opening; I’m a new customer. If they have been vague on what a “new customer” means, then that’s a problem on their end.

Shall see what the outcome in is, I’ll either win or leave Virgin Money :wave:t2:.

Can’t remember if I’ve received a switching cash incentive from NatWest since 2017. I think I probably have. But I’ll switch into my new Ulster account anyway, and see.

Are you in NI, or is there a way to get one without living there? I love their card design

Ulster allows UK residents living in GB to open an account. It’s one of very few accounts I’ve opened for no real reason, other than to get the card (which is a great design). Everything – processes, app design, slow correspondence, card reader requirement – is identical to NatWest and RBS.

Bank of Ireland allows GB residents to open online too.

AIB allows all UK residents, but you need to open in person in NI, seemingly only because they don’t open accounts online in NI (which they do in ROI)

Danske is the exception: You must have an NI address.

Cool, thanks! I’m going to have to add Ulster to my list of banks to apply to once my mortgage application goes through.


Another card in my collection update… still to come once I’ve received a couple more.


I’ve got a few on my list, but I’m on a six month hiatus currently. Curious to see your collection again!


Any selling points of Ulster or Bank of Ireland :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No idea about Bank of Ireland. Ulster is just the same as RBS or NatWest.


Finally got my second Starling card. Switch initiated into FD, to be complete 6th Oct.

How long does it take roughly once the switch completes to get the bonus?

Then onto Lloyds!