Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives 💸

It’s clearer here: Switch and Save | Switch Offer | The Co-operative Bank

Yeah. I’m moving over a regular saver to this. I was just about to move It to the Coventry but it’s ‘only’ 6.75%.

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I’ve finally reached the stage where these are too much effort for me.


Agreed. But it’s a way to maintain customers which is the ultimate goal.


Absolutely. Probably too many people like me that just rinsed the offer and didn’t really use the account, back when the criteria wasn’t as stringent.


I’m tempted to switch my Coventry Money Manager account into the Co-op and thereby get paid for It before they do It anyway sometime in the next year or two :rofl:

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Way simpler is the new Nationwide £200 offer. If you were a Nationwide member on March 31st, transfer in an account with two DDs, and collect £200.

Despite me picking up the £200 last year, I seem to still be eligible for this!

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I’m still waiting to see if they will let me reopen a sole account :grimacing:

I’m OK as I’d be transferring into an existing account, so two £200s from the same account. The kids need to open one that they’ve only recently transferred to Santander so may have your problem.

I’ve sent a written appeal (in the post) which has been acknowledged so hoping to hear something this week.


Added to the Wiki :slight_smile:
Danske Removed


I need Danske to hurry up so I can move it to Nationwide. We all thought Ulster were slow, but Danske is a whole different league!

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Coventry are not a CASS member…

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Yes, they are: Banks & building societies signed-up to the Current Account Switch Service

Admittedly only for the Money Manager accounts which you can no longer open (they are what became of the Coventry First current account and some others).

I wonder if they’ll go back to the Coventry First branding in due course? I gather it was quite well regarded.

Damn it, did the switch to Nationwide. Before doing it I had look through my old bank statements and didn’t notice a switching offer… Just had another look and seems I had £125 in December 2021… Are Nationwide one of the banks where you can slip through the cracks and still get one?

Bit annoyed as I’ve now burned my Virgin account that I had been keeping open just to do a switch with as I no longer want it for any reason! :joy:

Not sure but do let us know how it goes :sweat_smile: I’m tempted to switch in for the £200 for existing members.

I have had the switching offer a couple of times from nationwide. Last time I tried though I didn’t get it.