Wiki: Current Account Switching Incentives 💸

Wouldn’t bank on Santander for much longer either. I gather that they generally only run them for a week or so.

With Santander, do I need to wait for the switch to complete before I deposit the £1500?

No, just at any point in time.

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Anyone had any luck with FD offer having already opened HSBC? I have never had a HSBC switch offer before. But I did open HSBC accounts in the past two years.

You can’t get the First Direct offer if you’ve had a HSBC account since 2018.

Potentially a silly question about the Santander offer. Unlike FD, it doesn’t say that I have to leave £1500 in for any set period of time. So could I for example move £500 in and out three times?

Usually, if it doesn’t say, They only want to see the money go in so I transferred it when I got paid and then transferred it out again


Yes, that’s how these things work.

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:radioactive: NatWest, RBS and Ulster closes tonight.

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I think it’s all down to chancing.

In the past I received the HSBC offers and opened a FD account and still got the bonus despite it being ‘prohibited’

Looks like the Santander £185 switch offer is closed/closing today… :pensive:

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No longer on the website, so I’ll pull it from the table at the top of this thread.

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That will be interesting. I’ve initiated the switch (with DDs in place) but currently on holiday and the internet banking details hadn’t arrived before I left so I have no real way of knowing what the status of the account is yet! Haven’t done the transfer yet either because I want to see that the money has actually gone in…

I was in the process of doing the switch yesterday but for some reason I got distracted and wondered off to do something else. Then remembered while cleaning the kitchen that I needed to make the switch. Alas no free money for me! :sob:

I’m in the same boat. Haven’t received card or banking details yet in the post so will not transfer funds until I do so.

The account has actually opened though and I do have switch date confirmed so I’m assuming they’ll honor all processes started before the offer was pulled.

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Quick Rant!

I am very pis*ed off with Monzo as they told me that my Switch to Santander has been denied and they haven’t given me a reason or anything.

Now I can’t get the switching money from Santander as Monzo denied the switch for some reason.

I have looked at the Monzo Account and I don’t see anything that could stop me.

I am not overdrawn, I closed my Investment Pot, I moved out all of my savings. I dont know what the hell Monzo is doing and not letting me switch.

I am going into my local Santander Branch tomorrow. To try and sort all of this out and maybe hopefully if i explain to Santander what has happened then maybe I can get the money. I’m not sure thou!

Rant Over!


Santander won’t be able to resolve the switch issue if Monzo are stopping it. Unless it relates to some details not quite matching up, i.e parties on account / their names, things of that nature. If it is something like that, they can re-key the switch. If not, it’d be pointless as Monzo would push it back.

They should be able to find some rationale, when I worked these, we’d get an error code and check it against a wiki for each bank. As for the incentive, this would be up to complaints.

You could complain to Monzo (as in both). But try get it resolved with both first! I wish you the best of luck, I’m incredibly tired but hope i’ve touched on all that is relevant – paging @Carlo1460


I’m not seeing any documentation on the website, pertaining to the £220 CASI. Has this ended?

Yep. A lot of offers and limited edition stuff with Santander don’t last too long.

I meant HSBC.