Wiki: Bank Logos In Monzo

Good examples!

Halifax is a division of Bank of Scotland plc.
first direct is a division of HSBC UK Bank plc.

If Halifax has a separate logo from BoS, so should first direct in a similar fashion.


Just to throw into this the mix, if you pay a Halifax credit card it uses a Lloyds sort code (77-29-00). I’m not sure if this is the same for a BoS credit card but would believe it is.

Also the new Virgin Money current account uses sort code 05-00-05 (Monzo rip off ha!) Which is a Yorkshire Bank sort code. YB, Clydesdale and the be Virgin Money all use the same platform and will over time be rebranded to Virgin Money.

MBNA also uses the Lloyds 77-29-00 sort code. Bit of a mess.

Ah forgot them, they’re all on the same platform.

RBS is working for my legacy RBS account but I dont know their sort code ranges.


I have moved it to working on that basis

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Conservative party logo got added and then removed again.

Weird that.

@robinb not sure if youre still in the cleanup team but this would be another minor annoyance that would go a long way if it were fixed to adding the “polished” feel


I swear Amex used to have a logo. Not sure why it no longer pulls through


Have just given the wiki a bit of a scrub for 2023.

If anyone knows the sort codes for newbies (Kroo, Algbra etc) or could check where there’s been changes in branding (like Clydesdale/Yorkshire to Virgin) that would be cool.

@AlanDoe if you’re feeling full of new year cheer, could you drop a line in the right Slack channel? Would be fab for these to be tidied up a bit for the new year!


I’ll try and help you with a bit of a tidy-up!

It would be nice if some of the missing logos could be added, too.


Hey there friends :wave:

Thanks for all of your support here and sorry it’s taken so long to get around to this. We’re in the process of updating all of the bank logos that we show in the app, especially whilst making a payment. We’ve added support for 16 new banks this week and we’ve fixed a handful of ones that were previously broken. These changes will start rolling out next week on Android and also shouldn’t be much longer if you’re on iOS. :raised_hands:



I was beginning to think we would never see this happen, I’m absolutely amazed that you are getting back to it. Great news!



I’ve noticed since your recent post that payments to NS&I (08-31-15) is showing the NSB logo (

It was not doing that before. So I think someone has selected the wrong logo and broken it. Oops!

Hopefully someone can take a look, since NSB is not a UK bank it might confuse people

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