WiFi only for photos in notes


As someone who has started photographing receipts and adding them to transaction notes (which is a great feature!) I was wondering if there could be an option to only upload the photographs when on a WiFi connection (as they are quite large and use a reasonable chunk of data)

Equally, it’d be nice if when accessing a note containing a photo when on a mobile connection the standard data use warning could pop up with an option to cancel?

(Marta) #2

Oh yes please, very good ideas, @Rosie. :slight_smile: As someone who usually flies with 100Mb of data a month, that would be useful.

(Hugh) #3

Not sure how much Monzo caches but this could also be helped by caching commonly used logos and perhaps disabling the map until on WiFi? A “low data” mode sounds like a good idea :+1: