Why I can't take a Monzo Business Account [Tide's pricing structure is better!]

Great feedback, thanks @Laurynas! Would love to chat more about what features you’re looking for in your business account :slight_smile:

The account is a full-fledged business account, and we’re still adding more features and functionality as we grow, but keen to understand what things would help you feel confident that the account could meet your needs.

I trust you’re working hard on your BCA offering but at the moment it is what it is. I will consider migrating to Monzo again sometime next year. I hope you will manage to deliver essential missing features by that time.

Essential features for me:

  • Web Portal
  • Batch payments
  • Two Factor security

While Web Portal and Batch payments seems to be in your near term plans, Two Factor Security is not even mentioned on your long term roadmap.

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Any more news on when this is available… the wait is driving me nuts, one company moved to starling as it couldn’t wait any longer but I’d really really like to move the other two to Monzo…