Why does business get all the love?

Just a bit of a rant! Maybe it’s just me but everything seems to be about the business account these days. All the new feature updates I see on Facebook etc.
I was really looking forward to plus but it seems like the personal accounts are just being left behind now.

These things go in cycles. Whatever gets done there’s always a post like this about the things that aren’t being done.

The rumours of an imminent paid account release seem to persist so there’s still hope for you.

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Because it’s generating revenue, is new and needs building out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if bits of good stuff end up in the personal accounts space in the near future


It’s absolutely because it’s revenue generating. In an ideal world banks should be able to charge businesses and in return be able to provide subsidized services to the consumer.

If they follow the path of Starling then in all likelihood the business customers will be paying for the development of more core consumer features


As the whole covid situation began to take hold, it was announced that plus was being delayed, I recall the impression being that it was basically ready to launch, but that elements of the offering would no longer be viable under social distancing, travel bans etc.

For a few months prior to that it had felt like almost all development effort on personal accounts was going into plus. So I’d guess that it’ll take a little bit of time for that shift in focus to filter through to us seeing new things.

Basically, Monzo weren’t able to deliver the pay off for what they had devoted their time to up until the end of March and have had to shift gears and start on other projects.

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