Why are other fourms so terrible? Paragliding fourm

(Benjamin Doherty) #1

Hi Guys,

I signed up for another forum yesterday. - http://www.paraglidingforum.com/

And I figured when I first went on there that sure its not run on Discourse but im sure its OK.

And jeez I could’t have been more wrong. This site is so outdated, it makes for a horrible experience just browsing it, let along signing up and actually posting.

So my question is this; are we just lucky to have such a slick well maintained fourm, or is this paragliding forum the exception by being impressively bad.

Also shout out if anyone has any other interesting fourms that they can recommend checking out.

PS: I am able to do my first ever paragliding course in the new year, hit my up if anyone has any advice.


You may find it rather addictive!

Who you doing it with?

(Advice - make sure that they have sites facing all wind directions - I did mine with a school who did and it made it so good to up sticks and move to another site if the wind direction changed)


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The smell of rust is so strong I can barely breathe.

(Peter Roberts) #4

The theme looks horrible to me and it’s not responsive so it’s totally clipping of the edge on my phone

I do find discourse pretty slick but not all places look as bad to me as that site does

(Hugh Wells) #5

@Naji :muscle::sunglasses::smile:



At least go with Zenforo or Invision Power!


It’s still PHP at the end of the day, which was fine in 2010 but is soo outdated now.

(Benjamin Doherty) #8

Erm well originally I was planning on doing it with ‘alpine 8000’ in the french alps. They are a bhpa registered school. But they are based out of the french alps. However having read the pretty horrendous reviews of his school I think I may have to reconsider. I have already paid the deposit, however I might try for a refund. And then find a different school. Who did you do yours with? Can you recommend any school out of the UK? I just really like the idea of combining a long long holiday with a decent course

Ye you are telling me, when I first signed up it then kicked me from the site, and eveytime I tried to log back on it said I was accessing the site from a block IP address. Then today when I went to try again it said my account info was wrong (even though I record all details in a password safe). So I had to re-register… Jesus, didn’t realise how good we have it over here at Monzo Community!!

(Simon B) #9

Discourse is the most impressive modern forum platform but still needs be themed and configured well. Some other Discourse forums do some really janky stuff with their category section.

(Brandon Billingham) #10

Still one of the most popular languages in 2017 though.

I’ll just leave this here.

(Simon) #11

Been flying a paraglider for about 9 month now. FlySussex are awesome if you’re down south, been to turkey for SIV with them too and will be going to the alps in summer.
It’s definitely addictive and sooooo much fun :sunglasses:

(Benjamin Doherty) #12

Ah sweet. Cheers for the advice. I remember looking at them before. Dunno if I have the £££ to get fully addicted. Think I’m just about getting addicted to skiing as well. Ain’t going to be a cheap year.